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Chocolate Frost Brindweed Pie

During Winteryear, many people in Erith and across Wralath make Chocolate Frost Brindweed Pie for The Day of Candles.
  The Day of Candles is a special celebration in where people light candles and put them in the window in hopes that the next Springyear, Summeryear and Autumnyear will be pleasant.

The pie itself is fairly simple to make.  

Using a standard pie crust, the recipe uses:
Chocolate Powder
Cornstarch or other thickening agent
Frost Brindweed extract
And to top it off, a whipped chocolate flavoured cream, or Frost Brindweed ganache with some flaked chocolate and a sprig of Frost Brindweed.

As it is fairly sweet pie, it is a favourite amongst children. 

However, Frost Brindweed can be dangerous to acquire if you try and pick it during the off season. The Day of Candles is right in the middle of its harvestable time, so you would have no trouble finding it in Rolan's Grove. Buying the extract rather than making it yourself is quite common. However, given the nature of Frost Brindweed, the extract usually comes in small batches and is rather difficult to obtain during Summeryear due to the cooling properties it has and given how warm Summeryear is. The extract can be stored in a cold cellar if one has one. The Frost Brindweed usually makes the pie itself semi-cold to the touch so storing it is rather easy as long as you do not leave it next to an open fire. The cooling properties of Frost Brindweed extract usually makes for a special treat in the summer time, and is quite expensive at that.                             Describe a classic comfort food in your world. — #WorldEmberNoms


This pie has become a tradition in Winteryear as a dessert for the celebration of the Day of Candles.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Only able to be made when Frost Brindweed is in its harvestable season if you want fresh Frost Brindweed. Other than that, you can buy extract from local bakeries and sometimes general stores.
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