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Yetyagre: House of Police

Purpose / Function

The primary aim of the yetyagroyi was to house and supply the yet'kigie, the police force of Keyrit. However, the yetyagroyi was also intended to be self-sufficient; police were expected to live there permanently until retirement and to not leave except in cases of duty or leave.

The basic needs of the police needed to be met. The police needed beds, so the yetyagroyi became a hotel. The police needed food, so the yetyagroyi began growing its own crops, though usually the house bought food from the market. For clothes, the yetyagroyi established sewing and garment industries within the yetyagroyi.

Beyond basic needs, the police needed facilities with which they could accurately complete their duties. The police need income and supplies, so the yetyagroyi has a vault, which would later include investment into enterprises to maintain fiscal proactiveness. For record-keeping, the yetyagroyi maintains a library. This library expanded from mere nonfiction into books on philosophy, books on the physical realm, and even works of fiction. For exercise, the yetyagroyi owns a gym and sparring camp.

All of these components were necessary. As much as the yet'kigie worked hard to maintain each of these facilities, the yetyagroyi needed funds to stay afloat, and additional money to update its facilities to industry standards. Because of this, many of the nonconfidential facilities (the gym, portions of the library, and the hotel) were opened to the public, for small fees. Towns that could not afford a library could obtain one through their local police station. A common civilian could obtain the might of a soldier without ever being recruited. Travelers no longer needed to stay with the sick or the impoverished, so long as they didn't plan on committing crimes!
Police/Fire station

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