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Woowroik: Sea Balloon

Basic Information


The Woowroik belly is heavily inflated, allowing the species to breathe air and float on water. Its six legs act as paddles, but each leg tip is pointed, sharpened, and serrated to protect itself against predators from above and below. The legs of the Woowroik are sharp enough to puncture its own belly, but most are naturally averse to doing so.

Genetics and Reproduction

When two Woowroik of opposite sexes bump together, their legs extend towards each other in the air. The serration of the legs keeps each other locked, and the two are free to transfer whatever genetic material they need to produce a child. The female lays eggs.

Growth Rate & Stages

The embryo initially doesn't float, but the egg that contains the embryo does. The telltale sign of hatching occurs when the embryo's belly begins to inflate, exploding the egg. Often the embryo's legs scratch at the leg to help with the process. The newborn woowroik looks nearly identical to the mature woowroik, but the skin is softer when young.

Ecology and Habitats

The Woowroik was initially designed for oceans and ocean travel near the shores, but domestication has forced it into shallow freshwater locations, where it thrives just as well.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Woowroik eats whatever the surface of the water can provide. Usually this means flora like pond scum or algae, but occasionally this could mean water-treading insects or even fish corpses.

Biological Cycle

Woowroik are often covered by mucus to protect themselves from the sea climate, changing the layer depending on the salinity of the ocean. In times when the water is too warm or too cold, the woowroik flips itself over several times per day, for periods just short enough that it can still breathe.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Woowroik can see and smell both above and below water, but it masters no sensory ability particularly well.
Conservation Status
Thrives in captivity, extinct in the wild

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