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Teko Ewetia, Raatora: Wlitowa's Fool

Raatora Teko Ewetia

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Teko was born after the Great Eastern Uprising but before the formation of WelKworp. Small whispers of revolution had begun to form in the streets of Ak'tawo, to intense, overreactive crackdowns by the royalty. Both of Teko's parents were staunch loyalists who supported him during his early childhood. They died from indigestion when Teko was very young, but Teko always maintained that they died from poisoning from radical revolutionaries. As a token gesture of goodwill, he was "adopted" by the royal family, and sent to a navy barracks to serve as a water boy.


What little education the barracks could provide assumed that recruits were neither loyalist nor revolutionary and needed to be converted into staunch loyalists. Teko, already a staunch loyalist, consumed raw propaganda for several years, all while doing his best and working up the ranks. He still proved a very capable strategist and manager, but he would often give subordinates lashings for having what he considered to be "anarchist thoughts."


The king recognized Teko in adulthood as the child he had once shuffled off to the navy. He was surprised by Teko's competence, and he gave Teko command of a ship. In the decades after the Eastern Uprising, the navy had begun the process of retiring old ships. Teko's previous captain had retired, and he was given charge of an inexperienced, "slothful" crew. Teko got straight to work drilling the men under his command.

He also found a use of his service for the crown. WelKworp had begun its smuggling efforts into Wlitowa. While the smugglers were hotly pursued by the army, the still-large Wlitowan Navy rotted away in the docks of Ak'tawo. Teko sent a letter to the king asking for permission to "reroute the smugglers' goods to the bottom of the sea." The king replied that the seized goods should be rerouted to the palace instead, since only the royalty could dispose of the goods properly.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Over the course of the next few years, Teko would assail dozens ships that he suspected of smuggling illegal goods. Of these, seventeen of them actually were smuggling goods from Welkwu. The assets were seized, the crews were imprisoned, and the ships were sunk. Teko never let up, sending as much time as he could on the open seas. His one and only vacation stemmed from an invitation to the royal palace for a commendation by the ascendant queen herself. Honored and humbled, he arrived in Ak'tawo and fell prostrate before the queen.

Failures & Embarrassments

It was only during his stay that he realized: the royalty was not disposing of the unlawful goods as they had promised them, and that he had expected. Rather, they were enjoying them, using them as their own private luxuries. The queen herself even wore- spare the thought- glasses!

Mental Trauma

Teko was noted by his subordinates as looking significantly more ragged on his return from vacation. His orders became more aggressive and erratic. His success-failure ratio was dropping closer and closer to fifty-fifty, until his very last order: to ram a ship bearing the Tuhran flag. His privateer ship and the completely clean Tuhran vessel took each other to the grave. Teko went down with the ship, the only casualty of both wrecks. His legacy lived on in the Wlitowan Navy: the man whose fanatic loyalty to the crown protected the Authority from the villainy of Welkwu's industrialism.
Currently Held Titles
181 KTG 266 KTG 85 years old

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