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Teklo Tengwelai: Mastermind of the First Truth

T'kreh Tyate (If-Saint) Teklo Tengwelai

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Teklo was hellbent on finding both the value and the application of the First Truth, that "Justice is a lie." Through his life, he researched history, philosophy, and the sciences to determine if justice existed in this world. His conclusion was to the negative, and he began theorizing if the concept of justice and the concept of fairness could be purged from the human psyche, or at least suppressed in a utopia. His philosophy and findings attracted a gathering, and with his gathering he built a settlement on the west coast of Unterritory to test his theories and expand his knowledge.


Before his rise to popularity, Teklo was a stonemason, among the best of his craft. His skill attracted money and reputation within his industry but otherwise very little with regards to self-fulfillment. With his spare money and time, he devoted himself to philosophy and the sciences, often asking his patrons to pay him in books, information, or even wisdom. Soon his internal and material possessions were well-rounded.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Teklo's compilation of scientific research preserved a number of important findings which were referenced by many scholars for centuries afterwards. His own connections between the sciences were, in the long term, among the most important finds in his collection. Further, his transcriptions of philosophers and moral theorists outlived their original sources, at points becoming the only known copies of the source material and preserving the knowledge for future generations.

Failures & Embarrassments

Teklo's construction of a justice-free utopia failed a generation after his death. Many attribute his failures to the human element, while equally many attribute the colony's failure to poor planning. Regardless, Teklo rigorously documented his social experiment, and summarized details of the colony were published worldwide for sociologists without as much means for experimentation.

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