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Irakroyo: Fat Gobblers

Transmission & Vectors

Fat gobblers start out as microscopic organisms. They pass on to humans easily, mainly through skin contact, and are picked up by humans when coming into contact with larger animals and starchy plants. Overweight individuals generally have higher concentrations of irakroyo and so pass it on more easily. Irakroyo can last for days on most surfaces but generally do not spread thusly.


Fat gobblers move into the bloodstream through the intestines and attach themselves to the belly, thighs, and buttocks areas. They grow mainly through the nutrients found in lipids, collecting both the broken down chemicals and the energy stored in the lipids. As a result, their optimal conditions are in large concentrations of fatty cells. They expand both tall and wide but not outward, concealing themselves as simply part of the affected area.


Victims experience a large-scale reduction of non-muscular weight, primarily in the belly but also in the thighs and buttocks. Irakroyo when concealed under the skin look almost as if nothing is there, so people rarely pick it up. However, when pressed, they feel more watery and less attached than normal fat. Further, as the irakroyo digests more and more fat, the skin of the host compresses, revealing the circular shape of the irakroyo underneath.


Irakroyo die within days of entering an ectomorphic body, and die once they complete their cycle in an endomorphic body. Mezomorphic individuals are instructed to avoid physical work during the life span of the fat gobblers. Professional athletes who overexert themselves in performances often die in rebellion of the doctor's orders.   The easiest way to kill irakroyo, however, is high levels of zinc and manganese. This cure was discovered only recently, and athletes often take pills before matches, just in case.

Affected Groups

Fat gobblers affect all humans but persist the longest in humans with endomorphic body types. The well-to-do, pastry chefs, and the sedentary are also particularly affected.

Hosts & Carriers

Fat gobblers populate in plants with high starch populations, and in larger animals. Humans classify as larger animals, as well as all kinds of weroiki and woowroik.

Cultural Reception

The irakroyo was much less prominent before the dawn of large-scale agriculture but skyrocketed after. Many victims found it to be a relief; they could lose significant amounts of weight with no effort at all. In fat, many obese people (some under the recommendation of doctors) actively sought out large animals and starchy plants in the hope of contracting it. Opposition to the disease was small, since individuals with mezomorphic and ectomorphic body types never had it for long. The only people who died from the disease were mesomorphs who exerted themselves too much.   The cure was very simple and only took days to discover. It was only discovered recently since public opinion stressed its irrelevance. However, it became a popular supplement for athletes and those who enjoyed their original size.
Chronic, Acquired

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