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Agko Ikar: Sharpfoot

Transmission & Vectors

It is not certain how the vector spreads. People with no relation have been known to have it after close proximity with each other, which implies that it can be spread. However, odds of getting it increase tenfold if an ancestor also had it, implying that it is genetic, or affects certain genetic variants. There is generally not enough data to make a determination, seeing as it affects so few people.


When agko ikar occurs, the most commonly used nerves of the afflicted become extremely sensitive, while the least common are dulled just as much. The name, literally "sharp footprint," derives from the users reporting that it feels like a cadre of tiny nails every time they step. Accordingly, patients often try to walk differently than normal just to ease the pain for however long it lasts. Visually, patients might pick objects up with their wrists, or walk only with the sides of their feet. This abnormal behavior is clearly identifiable but perhaps unnerving for some. Often, the inconveniences of using different appendages for different tasks can be just as troublesome and annoying as the actual pain itself. Some patients forego the odd behavior, merely wincing as they live their daily lives.


Agko ikar is expected to last only a few weeks, perhaps a few months in severe cases. It does no long-term damage. Patients have described a great calming sensation afterwards, though whether that is the nerves returning to normal or a separate development of the affliction is difficult to tell. Once exacted, the additional pain and sensitivity will never bother the patient again for the rest of life expectancy. Some have taken this trivia as an excuse to make merry of the patient's suffering. Without long-term damage, the threshold from a tragic story to a funny man walking narrows in the eyes of some.
Extremely Rare

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