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Worlds of Avalon - Evelon and Earth

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Avalon - the world before Evelon and Earth - the mother planet. Inhabited by magical and non-magical beings alike, this ancient world was home to even the gods. All up until the Great Fall War, which was intense enough to force the First God - the Creator - to pull the planet apart into two different planets - Evelon, world of the magical; and Earth, home to the non-magical. Of course, some magical beings ended up on Earth as well, but they faded into myth, even if they still exist into the present. The same is true for Evelon; some non-magical beings having been allowed to stay with the magical. Only difference is, the creatures of Evelon accepted the non-magical, and the world ended up being like a smaller Avalon. The first gods even using it as their home even though they could freely travel between the twin planets whenever they wished. But, of course, that's saved for emergencies. Such as saving their sisters from the one who wishes to destroy them.

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