WriterGreg is the founder of the School of Worldcraft and Wordmancy. This school was founded as a means to pass on the skills of world building and story telling (worldcraft) and high quality prose (wordmancy).


WriterGreg's School of Worldcraft and Wordmancy offers classes, courses, and training materials for working writers and aspiring authors. Purchasing these items supports WriterGreg's efforts to support his family and allows him to continue running this school. Free training materials are also available on this site.

Links with more information about these courses and materials are available in the Worldcraft and Wordmancy links in the Table of Contents (sidebar).

Game of Tomes Lore

WriterGreg has participated in each of the writing competions hosted by the Game of Tomes. A fictionalized version of the school has developed through this participation and the colaborative storytelling through the competitions.

More information about the fictionalized school is in the Lore section.