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The Wayfarer's

Some go from riches to ruin, but a Wayfarer goes from ruins to riches.
— Hamish Flanagan
  Motto: Live fearlessly. Fight valiantly. Die honorably.


  • Call:May your road be endless.
  • Response:And yield countless wonders untold.
  Core Beliefs
  • There are far too many places and creatures still undiscovered to sit idly by twiddling thumbs.
  • High Risk, High Reward
  • Nothing is lost forever.



Kade Herwin is recognized as the founding father of the Wayfarer's. Though he had never been on an adventure himself, his passion for discovery has yielded the greatest catalogue of historical artifacts and archeological discoveries in the world. Afflicted with agoraphobia, Kade Herwin was unable to leave his home and spent much of his time reading books. As such, he compiled a list of treasures and mysteries and began recruiting people to travel to these locations and bring back tales of their experience. An avid artist, Kade would create large paintings and sculptures that represented the stories he heard. These works of art now line the walls of The Way Hall, documenting the founding years of the Wayfarer's. Though Kade Herwin is long gone, the guild and The Way Hall remain. The Way Hall resides in the Capital City of Sixpoints, in the Fountain Dominion.




The Starbreaker

The Starbreaker is the title bestowed upon the Leader of the organization. The term Starbreaker refers to the legendary Battle-axe passed on from one Starbreaker to the next. Residing in The Way Hall, Starbreaker Hamish Flanagan spends much of his time managing the The Children of Peruse. The Children of Peruse are a brethren of researchers who search through scrolls and annals looking for lost worlds and treasures. Their findings lead to many of the Guilds important quests. Flanagan, an ember haired half-orc has held the Starbreaker title for the last 6 years. He was voted Starbreaker after the death of Corinne Claymire


The Court of Heron's

The discoveries of the Wayfarer's have behooved the civilizations across Volkyr equally. As such, they have representatives in every major city and most villages and towns across the continent. Though it is easy enough to join The Wayfarer's, many die before they reach the level of Nighthawk. Those who become Master's and begin to feel the weight of mortality, often join the Court of Heron's and become the leader of their local chapter. With locations across the Volkyr, most outposts are operated by their local Heron. Though these outposts ultimately answer to The Starbreaker, the Council of Heron's are trusted to handle the daily operations of the Wayfarer's they command.

Leadership Hierarchy Renown Experience Wayfarer Title Membership Dues (Yearly)
The Star Breaker
Court of Heron's Level 50+
Master Level 50+ Nighthawk 1500 GP
Contractor Level 34-49 Albatross 500 GP
Journeyman Level 20-34 Road Runner 300 GP
Apprentice Level 7-19 Sky Lark 150 GP
Associate Level 1-6 Flycatcher 10 GP

Guild Perks

Wayfarer Title Wayfarers Goods Milestone Gifts and Perks Monthly Supply Bonus
Night Hawk Wayfarer's Golden Spyglass

50% Discount at all Guild Establishments.

A private apartment readily available at all Guild Outposts.

A map leading to a very rare item.

Superior Healing Potion

Receive one of the following Spell Scrolls; Tenser's Floating Disc, Unseen Servant, Alarm, Snare, Wild Cunning, Fog Cloud.

Receive one of the following Spell Scrolls; Aura of Vitality, Misty Step, Rope Trick, Knock, Catapult, Gaseous Form.

Albatross Argali's Portable Ram

30% Discount at all Guild Establishments.

Free Room and Board at Guild Outposts.

Greater Healing Potion.

Choice of Vial of Poison or Vial of Oil.

Receive one of the following Spell Scrolls; Tenser's Floating Disc, Unseen Servant, Alarm, Snare, Wild Cunning, Fog Cloud.

Road Runner None

Your Time within the guild has helped you learn a new skill. Choose one of the following Feats; Alert, Athlete, Lucky, Linguist, Dungeon Delver, Durable, Keen Mind, Mobile, Observant, Resilient, Sentinel, Tough.

20% Discount at all Guild Establishments.

Free Room and Board at Guild Outposts.

Greater Healing Potion.

Choice of Bag of Ball bearings or Bag of Caltrops.

Choice of Vial of Poison or Vial of Oil.

Sky Lark Horn of Silent Alarm

20% Discount at all Guild Establishments.

Free Room and Board at Guild Outposts.

Common Healing Potion

Choice of Bag of Ball bearings or Bag of Caltrops.

Choice of Vial of Poison or Vial of Oil.

Fly Catcher Way Torch Pendant

10% Discount at all Guild Establishments.

Free Room and Board at Guild Outposts.

Common Healing Potion.

Bag of Ball bearings or Bag of Caltrops.


The Way Torch Pendent

Wonderous Item, Common

When activated, this pendent casts a bright light in a 30-foot cone and a dim light for an additional 15 feet. The pendant must be worn to be activated and will emit light for up to 3 hours each day. These hours are refreshed after a long rest.


The Horn of Silent Alarm

Wonderous Item, Common

This horn has 4 charges. When you use an action to blow it, one creature of your choice can hear the horn's blare, provided the creature is within 600 feet of the horn and not deafened. No other creature hears sound coming from the horn. The horn regains 1d4 expended charges daily at dawn.


Argali's Portable Ram

Wonderous Item, Common

This portable ram, can be used to break down doors. When doing so, you gain a +6 bonus on the strength check. One other character can help you use the ram, giving you advantage on this check.  

Wayfarer's Golden Spyglass

Wonderous Item, Common

Looking through this spyglass allows you to see about 3 miles in any direction on a clear day, or until the point where trees, hills, or other obstructions block your view. Rain cuts the visibility down to 1.5 miles, and fog can cut it down to between 500-600 feet. Once per long rest you can roll a D20 when you look through this spyglass. Upon rolling a 20, the spyglass allows you to see through trees, hills, and all other obstructions blocking your view. This spyglass can not look through magically secured locations and items. This effect only lasts until you remove your eye from the spyglass.

If you use this Spyglass to view something within 120 feet of you, you do so at disadvantage.


Contracts and Requisitions


There are number of ways to earn renown within the guild and climb the ranks of the Wayfarer's. Early contracts include dispatching beasts and monsters for various group and uncovering lost treasures for those with the coin to pay. When a Wayfarer has reached the level of Road Runner, they will be able to speak with the Guild Cartographer and purchase maps to treasures unknown. Depending on the size of the outpost, there may be one person who handles all the contracts or there may be multiple people who are handing out different types of contracts.



A Guild Hall Steward can be found at most Guild locations and are often found near the main entrance to the Hall. They typically offer Renown Milestone rewards, as well direct players toward guild contracts. On rare occasion, they have been known to have contracts to fill as well. These contracts are normally Escort jobs requiring the wayfarer to accompany a caravan from one location to another.


Most contracts can be split into a three categories:


Dispatch and Rescue

The Beast Master will usually have contracts for any Dispatch and Rescue missions the guild may have. Small towns, villages, and other communities may be getting harassed by an unknown beast or monster. It is the responsibility of the Wayfarer's to help rescue the town and dispatch the creature in question. These contracts may take place in a city where the creature hunts or the creature may live on the outskirts of the city and needs to be tracked down before it can be killed. It is not uncommon for these beasts to reside in dungeons, abandoned towers, sewers, cave systems and any other rarely visited location. Though these contracts pay well enough, most of the reward comes from harvesting the beast or monster upon defeat. Many across the Volkyr will pay top dollar for a vial of rare venom, or teeth and claws from a legendary beast or monstrosity.


Retrieval and Acquisition

The most common and sought after contracts can be found with the Acquisitions Officer. These contracts are often funded by wealthy benefactors looking for lost family treasure or trying to find a missing friend or relative. These contracts usually pay very well.


Lost Cities and Ruins

When you have reached the rank of Road Runner, and proven yourself capable of the unexpected, you can speak with the Guild Cartographer about some of their more rare and unknown maps the guild has acquired. Because of the nature of these maps and how they were obtained, some have been well studied while others are a complete mystery. As such, the range of information made available to a Wayfarer upon purchase of one of these maps, varies greatly. The Cartographer may know what type of beast you will have to contend with, or they may know nothing at all. This is also true for the treasure the map may lead to. Though there is fame and renown to be had by making archeological discoveries, most money lies in finding treasure. These contracts should be viewed as a gamble for both the coin purse and reputation



Gaining Renown: Completing contracts will earn you a certain level of renown within the guild. The more contracts that you complete, the more renown you will receive. It is imperative that quests be completed with honor and minimal destruction to a communities property or the expected renown you would have received will be reduced.

Losing Renown: Losing renown is quite hard to do in the Wayfarer's guild. That being said, it is ill-advised to betray or abandon another Wayfarer in battle and ultimately leaving them to their doom. If any within the guild should learn that you can not be counted on to defend your comrades, you will likely lose positive guild renown. In extreme situations, some may even refuse to work with you all together.

Guild, Adventuring

Guild Halls and Outposts

  The Way Hall   The Great Hall of Isha  

Guild Shops and Taverns

  I Gnome Best   Qith's Calipers   Adon’s Exceptional Reflection Collection   The Hunter's Mark

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