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The SilverTongues

The Truth of the world can always be heard through music.
-Erroli Mortin   Motto: Life, Death and Music


  • Call:If you find your muse-
  • Response:You will find your calling.
  Core Beliefs
  • A good melodic riff, will mend even the deepest of rifts.
  • All you need to enjoy like, is a warm meal, a soothing tune, and good company.
  • Listen while you play; information is the most valuable form of currency.



Founded in 10,232, The SilverTongues was established to recognize the most renowned Bard's of Wonder. It has since grown to preserve not just the memory of influential musicians, but also the music and instruments that they created. But having your name on the lips of citizens across the world is hard to accomplish, unless you have the means to travel often to show off your skill. This has left many initiates of the SilverTongues, to give into the darker aspect of the guild; Spying. It was discovered that bards make good spies as drunks are willing to say anything when they think the music is loud enough to drown out their voices. Their natural charisma lends to the extraction of valuable information as well.




The Band of Nonet


The founding fathers of the guild, The SilverTongues, were an ensemble comprised of nine skilled musicians. In memory of these historic figures, there are nine recognized leaders of the guild today. Referring to themselves as The Band of Nonet, the nine members of this prestigious council work together ensure that the collection of Bardic items are preserved and also grows. Those who join the ranks of the SilverTongues have expectations of their own, like fame and prosperity.


The Band of Nonet does have a hierarchy amongst itself and it is as follows;

1st Chair- Valdrek HymnBringer- Dwarf

2nd Chair- Skye Duncan - Human

2nd Chair- Arkus- Tiefling

2nd Chair- Salvador Baldoma- Human

2nd Chair- Faygra- Half-Orc

3rd Chair- Tabnyvoo Climwep- Gnome

3rd Chair- Imaris Iarhorn- Half-Elf

3rd Chair- Arun Cralen- Elf

3rd Chair- Shelly Duval- Halfling


1st Chair of the Nonet

In recent history, those who hold the seat of the 1st Chair, rarely hold it for long. Valdrek HymnBringer is the longest running 1st Chair in a century, having successfully held onto his role for six months. Those who rise to the join the Band of Nonet, often do so by using the skill they honed the most while climbing the ranks of the SilverTongues; a mastery of spying. When you know how to find information on a person, it becomes all to easy to learn how to take them out. Most 1st Chair's pass under freak circumstances; an ill-built bookshelf that fell, a run-away supply wagon, a fall into a hunting trap. Valdrek HymnBringer was voted up to 1st Chair after his predecessor, Bricker Treble tripped over a stool and impaled himself on his own sword.


Very few 1st Chair's have done more then celebrate their coronation before being removed. Though it is the expectation that the 1st Chair of the Nonet maintain peace and order across the guild, most of the daily operations are left to the 2nd Chairs.


2nd Chair's of the Nonet

Those who are elevated to the rank of 2nd Chair are considered to be the most reliable and capable in all of the SilverTongues. Responsible for keeping relationships civil amongst the various guild outposts, and ensuring the peace with the countries and kingdoms that they reside, the 2nd Chair's are considered the true power of the guild. The 1st and 2nd Chair's of the Band of Nonet, reside in the Theatre of Riyo Myzu of Rhennen, Rema.


3rd Chair's of the Nonet

In the beginning, there were only five recognized halls/outposts of the SilverTongues Bardic Guild. Though there are more then these five halls, today, the original five are the ones of import. This is especially true for power within the organization. The 1st and 2nd Chair's reside in and over the Theatre of Riyo Myzu. The other four locations are each governed by a 3rd Chair;


Guild Halls of the 3rd Chair's

Tabnyvoo Climwep is administrator of Nothing But Treble hall, located in Thorringuard, The West Lands.

Imaris Iarhorn is administrator of The Tuned Organ hall, located in Sixpoints, The Fountain Dominion

Arun Cralen is administrator of Three Sheets to the (wood)Wind outpost, located in Dolphene, The Tribal Lands

Shelly Duval is administrator to The Muse of Wonder outpost, locate in The Barren Lands


Hierarchy Table

Leadership Hierarchy Renown Experience SilverTongue Title Membership Dues (Yearly)
Band of Nonet Level 50+ Band of Nonet
Master Level 50 + Enticer 1000g
Evoker Level 35-49 Seducer 750g
Journeymen Level 20-34 Enchanter 500g
Apprentice Level 7-19 Charmer 300g
Associate Level 1-6 Persuader 150g


You must be a Bard to join the SilverTongues.


Guild Perks

SilverTongue Title SilverTongue Goods Milestone Gifts and Perks Monthly Supply Bonus
Enticer The Perfect Fan 50% Discount at all guild establishments.

Refill of Guild flask

Open invitation to perform at any Guild affiliated Establishments

Seducer 30% Discount at all guild establishments.

Refill of Guild flask

Performance Time at Local Establishment

Enchanter Tuning Fork of Hearing 25% Discount at all guild establishments.

Refill of Guild flask

Performance Time at Local Establishment

Charmer 15% Discount at all guild establishments. Refill of Guild flask Performance Time at Local Establishment
Persuader Flask of the SilverTongues 10% Discount at all guild establishments. Refill of Guild flask

Flask of the SilverTongues

When you drink alcohol from this flask, you gain advantage on all Performance, Persuasion, and Deception checks made for the next two hours. This is only true for members of the SilverTongues  

Tuning Fork of Hearing

This item requires attunement.

When struck, this tuning fork resonates a pleasing tone to all who can hear it. For the next 5 minutes, the attuned party will be able to hear any conversation within 30 feet of the fork. If there is a specific conversation of interest, pointing the prongs towards that direction should help with clarity. The fork will focus more on the conversations lying between the two prongs. Once used, the fork can not be used again until the following sunrise. You gain additional use's for each additional rank gained in the guild hierarchy(up to 3).


The Perfect Fan

Where would a musician be without their fan's and groupies. Once per long rest, you can wave this fan to blow an illusion of a humanoid fan of your choice. This illusion can look like anyone you choose and will act in any way that you desire. Whether you want a crazed fanatic who can barely contain their excitement, or a crowd pleasing announcer to introduce your entrance. All who are witness to this fan must make a DC 15 Charisma save or be enthralled. This illusion will last for 10 minutes, or until you dismiss it.


Contracts and Requisitions

There are a few ways to earn renown within the guild and climb the ranks of the SilverTongues. The fastest way is to complete guild quests. Typical quests include finding lost music books or missing musicians.  


The Steward of each hall and outpost can usually be found near the main entrance of the building. They should be sought out for monthly and milestone rewards. If you are looking to join the guild, you will need to impress the steward first.


Acquisition's Officer

The acquisitions officer of each SilverTongue's hall will have contracts to offer. These contracts usually require the recovery of a lost play, musical score, or work of art.


Rescue Missions

There are a number of reasons why a missing bard may need to be found. Sometimes they go on a month long bender and can't be found. Sometimes they become the target in an extortionist. Regardless of the reasons, is there is a missing bard who is worth anything, the steward of the hall will know about it.



The fastest way to climb the ladder of the SilverTongues to the status of Enticer is to partake in Chiming contracts. Most halls and outposts will have a large wind chime on site. Usually in a room or garden out of site, those looking to get a Chime assignment will need to ring the onsite chime. Once the chime has been rung, you will be contacted with a directive.

These directives can arrive at anytime in the 24 hours following your request. To aid in anonymity, you may receive this directive from a variety of messengers. Folders have been known to arrive on nightstands overnight, or be left on tables when someone is distracted.


Chime missions usually require the acquisition of information. This can be as simple as eavesdropping on a person during a planned meeting or as difficult as conning your way into a restricted affair to learn the intention of a visiting dignitary.


Performance Renown

As a bard, it is likely that you would be gaining renown across the world without the support of the SilverTongues. As such, when you Perform at a local pub, not associated with the SilverTongues, you can still gain renown within the Guild. This renown will be earned at half the normal rate. Please reference the Table below for Renown earned per performance.

When you have reached the level of Charmer, you receive a guaranteed performance slot, once a month, at any SilverTongues guild hall of your choice. You can usually purchase additional stage time for a hefty sum.


Table: Performance Renown

D100 + Performance Modifier Renown Gold
1 -2d4 0
2-19 -1d4 0
20-49 +1 1d8
50-79 +1d4 1d10 x Renown Earned
80-99 +1 + 1d4 1d20 x Renown Earned
100 2d4 1d100 x Renown Earned
Guild, Professional

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