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The Parchminers Daughter


The Parchminers Daughter was founded by Elena Pyre in the early 11,000's. For hundreds of years Elena travelled and mapped Wonder while her mom would stay in the City of Stonespire and manage the shop. When her mother passed, Elena hired Raven Feathersong to oversee the daily operation of the store. Since then, the descendants of Raven Feathersong have continued to manage the shop.   Today, the Feathersong Triplets, Brandon, Landon and Borscht, run the shop. Brandon and Landon can often be found working the shop, either behind the counter or stocking the shelves. Though the duo are very attentive to customers, they can often be seen arguing with each other when left to their own devices. Though Borscht is always in the building, he is usually in the back room preparing stock or busy balancing the finance ledgers. Borscht is a nervous fellow who prefers to let his brothers handle the daily affairs of the shop.  

Appearance of Establishment


Located at the fork of Main Street, The Parchminers Daughter is considered the heart of the commercial district. A two story building with large windows decorated with flower boxes, this shop sets the standard for those who wish to sell their wares nearby. Though the square mile surrounding the Parchminers Daughter is filled with shops of varying quality and cost, only the best craftsmen can survive The Gold Stretch. The Gold Stretch refers to the last block of Main Street before it forks at The Parchminers Daughter's Storefront, and the first block of the two roads that fork around it.


The first floor of The Parchminers Daughter is reserved for the shop itself. The front two rooms contain all of the maps and notes available to the general public. The first room contains the most accurate maps for sale, many of which are Elena Pyre originals. The Elena Pyre maps found in the first room usually include settlements, natural landmarks and large roads, but have little detail of stores, guild locations, or academies. That being said, there are many maps available from modern cartographers with these additional details in place.


The back room of the store has a collection of rare maps and many of the now inaccurate Elena Pyre originals. Some of these maps contain civilizations now lost or roads long gone. Many of the original city and civilization maps that Elena Pyre created contain details of establishments that have long since closed. These maps are still worth a fair amount to the right buyer, but have little common use.


The shop counter can be found in the small hallway separating the two rooms. Across from the counter is an Employees Only door. Is can be assumed that Borscht's office and additional storage can be found beyond the door. It is likely that the stairwell to the 2nd floor of the building can be found down this hallway as well. The 2nd floor of this establishment is used for residential living and is currently inhabited by Landon and Brandon. Borscht lives in the basement of the building with his 3 fish, 2 turtles, and Carol; his aquatic frog.

Shop, Generic

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