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Possa's Barrels & Lean-to's



Possa Attenborough is a short halfling female with long golden hair and eyes like shimmering emeralds. Despite living in a lean-to and working amongst the dirt and wilderness, her fine clothes are always pristine. Though Possa may not be the strongest or fittest, she is extremely intelligent and charismatic to boot.


Bartender and Muscle


Crag Grendle is a tall and muscular half-orc with a bald head and tusks that peaked out above his thick black beard. While his wife's clothes are always Pristing, Crag always seem to be covered in a days worth of filth. Usually a jovial man, Crag does not allow any threats made against his wife, Possa, to go unpunished. Often seen tending the bar of the establishment, Crag has no problem splitting up a drunken brawl or ejecting people from the entirety of Trader's Point.


Appearance of Establishment


It's hard to consider Possa's Barrels & Lean-to's a formal establishment. A large tent covers the weathered tables and bar top of the tavern, while the only "rooms" to be had, are the raised lean-to's made of splintering wood. Though a pillow or blanket can be supplied for an upcharge, one should not expect the comforts of freshly washed linens. While the tent and lean-to's are able to keep water from dripping onto the establishments patrons, there is little that can be done about the muddied ground


Rental Accommodations

Accommodations Cost
Lean-to, Single 5 cp
Lean-to, Double 1 sp
Lean-to, Large (Sleep's 4-6 Medium and smaller creatures) 3 sp
2 Pillow's 5 cp
Blanket 1 sp
Bedroll 1 sp
Lantern 1 gp

Purchasable Goods

Item Cost Weight
Bedroll 1 gp 7 lbs
Blanket 5 sp 2 lbs
Candle 1 sp -
Flask or Tankard 2 cp 2 lbs
Lantern, hooded 5 gp 2 lbs
Insect Repellent-Incense 1 sp -
Insect Repellent-Salve 1 sp -
Pillow 1 sp 1 lb
Rations (1 day) 5 sp 2 lb
Tent (2 person) 2 gp 20 lbs
Torch 1 cp 1 lb

Food and Spirits



Item Cost
Roasted Locusts 2 cp
Ham & Cheese on Rye 3 cp
Coffee 5 cp
Milk 3 cp


Item Cost
Stockpot Stew/Soup 4 cp
Catfish Fritters 4 sp
Goodberry Wine 1 sp
Fruit Juice 5 cp
Milk 3 cp


Item Cost
Hunter's Pie 4 sp
Rabbit & Potato Stew 5 cp
Bread and Cheese Platter 6 sp
Mead 3 sp
Crag's Mud (local brew) 5 sp

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