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Reign of King Borland

Political event


Borland, a good man and a decent king, brought some stability to a once great nation that had suffered through a decade of debilitating war. At the beginning of his reign, Lozar was barely a nation. After the difficulties brought on by the Lichwars and Succession Wars, Lozar was a hotbed of conflicting duchies, baronies and counties.

Borland brought the belligerent provinces under control by personally visiting all the major lords and forcing them to swear fealty to him. The Ruby Tridenser made it impossible for any Lozarian to deny his authority. A great tragedy was averted and Lozar once again existed as a nation.

Borland's reign was a return to stability and prosperity. However, this sense of goodwill was marred by the presence of the Kirinal Pit and a resurgence of humanoid populations in the north. The northern human and demi-human nations, never heavily populated in the first place, began to suffer from the encroachments of the humanoid races. With their higher birthrates, the humanoids quickly replaced the losses they sustained during the Lichwars and began to conquer lands beyond their traditional territories. The buffer nations to Lozar's north were swallowed by the orcish nation of Borakar and the humanoids began to raid Lozar's northern territories.

The wild magic of the Kirinal Pit provided additional headaches. Dark forces and strange beings constantly appeared on the fringes of the pit, creating another, more dangerous border to be patrolled. Borland assigned the task of patrolling and containing the Pit to Chagroth Durinhelm. As Chancellor of Wizard's Peak University and Duke of the nearby Silver Range Duchy, Chagroth was eminently qualified for the task. He set up fortresses along the edge of the pit and arranged for patrols of mages and warriors to contain anything unpleasant that may come out. He has been mostly successful in this task, however, the failures have been spectacular. Entire fortresses have disappeared without warning on two occassions and some of the smaller garrisons have been wiped out by mystical invaders with disturbing regularity. To this day, Chagroth seeks a way to permanently deal with the menace of the Kirinal Pit.

Occasionally, Borland would personally take part in patrols of the northern border and the Kirinal Pit. In 3021, one of the patrols he was on of the northern border did not return. After a long search, his body and the bodies of the rest of his patrol were found at the site of a heavy battle. The bodies were stripped of all belongings. The Ruby Tridenser was missing and he had not left an heir.

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