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Founding of Kirinal



The story of Lozar begins with the founding of Kirinal. Kirinal was originally a minor outpost of the Numorian Empire, a farming community on a secondary tributary of the Taristrae River. During the Empire's collapse, this small town was left to fend for itself by the retreating Empire. For several decades, the already small town dwindled in size as the citizens suffered attacks by humanoid and human raiders.

Just as the town seemed destined to fall, salvation came in the form of the warrior Loz. Loz was a former captain of the Numorian Legion. Seeking to escape the decadent downspiral that Numoria was on, Loz took his troops and headed west, into Numoria's former holdings. Legend says that Loz was inspired by a dream of a golden Ki-rin sent to him by Anam, the God of Justice. Loz happened upon the town of Kirinal and, noting it's strategic position on the Kirinal River and the rich fields surrounding it, offered to become the town's protector. The townspeople, with nothing to lose, agreed and Loz became the First Lord Kirinal.

Loz built a wall around the town, razed the decrepit Numorian watchtower and built his castle on the river. He also built a temple to his new patron, Anam. Kirinal had taken it's first steps towards becoming a city. Loz then sought out the raider bases and settlements, quickly, some would say ruthlessly, eliminating any threats to Kirinal and expanding his territories. Within a few decades, Kirinal was a rich trade center and a place of worship for Anam.

It was also known as the home of the mightiest warriors in western Krosia. The fighters of Kirinal mixed the military training of Numoria with the holy discipline of Anam to create the first true knights, the Order of the Tridenser, a cadre of powerful warriors and paladins. Within a century of it's founding, Kirinal was a prosperous and powerful metropolis, a true city-state.

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