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After the Disintegration of Kirinal weakened dimensional barriers worldwide, invaders and schemers from other planes have targeted the world of Erathia for domination. Already distrusted, warlocks have become targets of suspicion. This distrust is warranted. Many warlocks are actively working to deliver the world to their patrons.  Warlocks acting in defense of the world are actually in the minority.

Warlocks, planes, and higher powers

  • Dimensional portals are highly regulated. Traffic is monitored. There are teams devoted to finding portals and taking them over or destroying them.
  • There are teams devoted to hunting unauthorized dimensional travelers for deportation or execution, depending on the organization.
  • Warlocks have become the locus of influence for powerful extraplanar beings. Now that the gods have departed and enforce dimensional constraints, extraplanar forces rely on warlocks. 
  • Even the gods now need warlocks to maintain a presence.
  • The eradication of a being's warlocks ensures their removal from interfering on Krosia.
  • Protection/elimination of warlocks is a huge plot/story point.
  • Witch Hunters of Minara especially see this as a good thing. They preach that the Time of Mortals has come and work towards closing all dimensional gates, killing all warlocks and, eventually, ending magic.
  • Warlocks summoned the Great Old Ones, offering the mortal races as a sacrifice for power.

Traitorous Warlocks - Quislings

Many warlock patrons seek to claim the Kirinal Pit as their own. Their agents in the world, led by warlocks, seek to deliver it to them. Warlocks with these patrons are outlawed in civilized lands. They are subject to arrest, imprisonment, and even execution.

  • The Fiend
  • The Great Old One
  • The Fathomless
  • The Undying

Concordant Warlocks

Some warlock patrons are less malevolent. Warlocks with these patrons may function in civilized lands, but they are closely monitored. They are subject to visits by Witch Hunters and in the Zone, they must bear a Warlock's Ident-a-hedron. They are still regarded with suspicion and dread.

  • The Archfey
  • The Celestial
  • The Genie
  • The Hexblade

Warlocks and Ident-a-hedrons

By design, Ident-a-hedrons, the soul-based identification used in the Kirinal Concordance Zone, are not useable by warlocks. Licensed warlocks must use a Warlock's Ident-a-hedron instead. Traitor-locks who want to operate in the Zone must find an alternative form of identification, they use the False Ident-a-hedron Invocation or any of the various methods developed by the Anti-hedrons.

Brotherhood Siblinghood of Warlocks

Some warlocks do not want to get involved in the machinations and battles between the Concordant and Traitorous Warlocks They just want to live their lives, gather power, and serve (or satiate) their patrons. However a lone warlock rarely survives the witch hunters or the quisling pressgangs.

Unaligned warlocks lucky enough to survive count themselves lucky to be found by the Siblinghood. This group offers fellowship without judgement. As long a they aren't actively seeking the destruction of the world, they don't interfere in the business of their members.

Prominent Siblinghood Members

Throim Burnside, son of the dwarf hero Kiln and Hexblade Warlock of Melkor.

The Shadow Huntmaster of Hartshome Forest, a satyr Warlock of the Archfey.

Auron Angelsin, a hidden warlock of the Great Old Ones in the Zone. He is not a quisling, but still doesn't want to be "Concordant."

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Witches, Traitors, Betrayers
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