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The blood of Safara has been on the wane for many centuries. The Safaran people suffered greatly under the rule of the Lich-King who used their souls and bodies as building blocks for a necromantic army. They also served as sacrifices to seal pacts with fiendish and aberrant powers

The end of the Lichwars left the land of Safara a blasted wasteland and their people were forgotten. The focus of the world turned to the wound of the Kirinal Pit and the world-ending threats of the Kirinal Catastrophes.

With the eyes of the world off of them, the Safaran people have licked their wounds and built themselves back up again. This alliance of humans and hobgoblins form a militaristic society that patterns itself on their past as glorious conquerors. They hope to be worthy of that heritage.

Naming Traditions

Masculine names

Related Organizations

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