Lozarian Succession Wars

The Tridenser King had ruled Lozar for more than a thousand years and most had assumed that he would reign for a thousand more. Although Lozar was greatly reduced due to the loss of it's capital city and it's king, Lozar was still one of the most powerful nations in the world. It was a crossroads for trade routes from the east to the southwestern continent and from the southern islands to the frosty north. The lords and petty nobles of Lozar aligned themselves into different factions and the resultant conflict came to be known as the Lozarian Succession Wars.

Dozens of factions arose seemingly overnight, but the four strongest eventually absorbed and/or conquered the others. These four factions were led by four warriors who fought in the Lichwars: Lord Vasilius, Baron Meinke, Duke Redoak and Sir Borland. Lord Vasilius was a paladin and General of the Northern Armies. Of the four, he was clearly the greatest hero and almost everyone agreed that he was destined for the throne. He had the support of Chagroth, his brothers and the mages of Wizard's Peak. Baron Meinke was a general of the Eastern Armies and he was responsible for closing the Taris River Borders once the Lich Kings armies had advanced on Kirinal. He was in charge of the bulk of Lozar's remaining armed forces. However, he was willing to cede the crown to Vasilius. Duke Redoak was a highly placed officer in the Lozarian Navy and he had the support of Lozar's merchants and tradesmen. Through the Navy's efforts, trade had still gone on throughout the Lichwars and the Merchant Guilds were ready to support a Navy man. Redoak believed that the crown belonged to him by right of blood. He could claim distant kinship to King T'kor. Finally, there was Sir Borland, a paladin of small repute who was a champion of the peasantry. He spent the early years of the Lichwars as a corporal on the front lines. He lost his left arm in the decimation of his regiment and was released from his duties.

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