Edible Authorized Eggs

In the society of the Kirinal Concordance Zone, we take great pains to ensure the rights of all sophonts. Primary among them is the right to life and the right not to be eaten. Unfortunately, here where dimensions frequently cross, it isn't always easy to determine what is or isn't a sophont. That is the primary reason we all "bear the ident-a-hedron" as proof of sentience.

Regardless, my metabolism does not require foodstuffs, and I am an infrequent eater. The unhatched embryos and/or ovum of non-sentients are said to be delicious. Honestly, I find the entire idea to be slightly distasteful.

As a civilization, we've had to make a lot of compromises over dietary laws. To join the Concordance, we orcs had to become a lot "pickier" over what we were allowed to eat! I do love me eggs though: an omelet of abyssal chicken eggs in the morning, owlbear quiche for lunch, and cockatrice balut at night to "stiffen" you up! Delicious!

In the Zone, the eggs of beasts and monsters are one of the basic foodstuffs. They are used in every cuisine amongst the Eight Cantons of the Zone. Eggs must come from the list of non-sentient beings as laid out by the Zone Ministry of Edible Authorization. Edible authorized eggs range from the prosaic (chicken, duck, quail, fish, etc), to the exotic (abyssal chicken, flying snake, ankheg, owlbear), to the magical (basilisk, behir, cockatrice, phase spider).

Zone Ministry of Edible Authorization

When a brand new realm appears in the Manifest, the Edible Authority is one of the first to go in to determine what is and isn't food. They use a combination of magitech divination and psionic scans to determine if potential food sources are edible and non-sentient.

Sources of Eggs

The Zone is famously incapable of producing enough food to support its burgeoning population. They import prosaic foodstuffs in bulk primarily from the Sovranty of Lozar provinces that surround them. More exotic eggs, with a higher profit margin, are produced in the few fertile regions of the Zone.

Egg Farms of the Zone

Ki-Rin Forest
The farms of the blessed Ki-rin Forest produce the highest quality, most expensive chicken, duck, quail, and goose eggs with literal healing properties. They are also the source of highly valued flying snake, sarimanok, and owlbear eggs.

Anomalous Forest
The elves and druids harvest wild eggs from a thousand worlds in the haunted depths of the Anomalous. They specialize in small batches of incredibly exotic eggs including cockatrices, basilisks, thought eaters, and salamanders.

Goblin Town
The industrious goblins and the hag bakers of Goblin Town breed species for eggs that others may find distasteful. They specialize in giant spiders, giant slugs, cave fishers, and other Underdark denizens.

Uses of Eggs

Eggs are of course used as an ingredient in the diverse multi-dimensional cuisine of the Zone. They are a binding agent in baking. They are eaten cooked in the shell, salted, unfertilized, or as balut. They are deviled, or angeled, according to hundreds of recipes depending on where you are in the Zone.

Balut - Eating Fertilized Eggs

A unique part of Talino culture, the practice of eating balut, boiled fertilized duck egg with an embryo, is part of the Zone's street food culture. Especially in the entertainment areas, like Silver Gate District, street vendors selling different types of balut from carts fill the streets. They cater to adventurers and half-drunk partiers migrating between dance clubs and bars. The most popular types include the common duck, giant spiders, quippers, and even exotic thought eater balut.

The night before the Shattered Moon is full in the sky, the streets of Menelost Telperion fill with young soldiers taking part in the Mad God's Gamble. They compete with each other to eat increasingly strange types of balut. The winner is given light duty for a week.

Naraky's Eggs/Narakyfest

Empty egg shells are the centerpiece of Narakyfest and the ritual of Naraky's Eggs. In some circles, the more exotic the shell, the better. There is an "egg arms race" in Aurumopolis over exotic egg shells that rich parents give to their children. Phoenix, dragon, and roc eggs command high prices in the month of Nar.

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