Duchy of Molndal - Circa 3030 - D&D 3E

The Duchy of Molndal (3E) Circa 3030

Proper Name: Grand Duchy of Molndal
Ruler: Duke Valerys Molndal (LN male human, fighter 6/aristocrat 4/cavalier 3), Lord Marshall of the Order of Light
Government: Hereditary feudal monarchy
Seat of Government: Molndal
Cities: Molndal (M), Morozzo (LC)
Resources: Fine wine and spirits, foodstuffs, manufactured items, trade center
Population: Human 90%, elf 4%, dwarf 3%, gnome 2%, other races 1%
Law: LN

  • Richest farmland in western Krosia
  • Site of some of the richest goldmines in Krosia
  • Also known for it's craftsmen: furniture-makers, jewelers, clockwork and siege engineers
  • The feudal system of lords and peasants is still entrenched here
  • A middle class of merchants and craftsmen exists in cities and towns
  • Non-humans rarely make their homes here
  • Typical Molndalians are tall with straight blonde hair, light colored eyes (gray-green or ice-blue) and thin sharp features

Molndal Family

  • The richest family in Lozar
  • The duke is a widower with two children

Rielin Molndal

  • One of the best horsemen in the nation
  • Knight Commander of the Order of Light

Alera Molndal

  • A famous singer
  • Commonly thought to be one of the most beautiful women in the world
  • She performs throughout western Krosia
  • Most of her songs are about the Order of Light and the Duchy of Molndal
  • Married to the exiled King of Corgi
  • They were married when she was very young, barely a teenager
  • He lives in Ballinamore, a guest of the Duke of Ballinamore, his cousin
  • She hasn't seen him in years
  • They have a son who is being raised in Molndal
  • They have great influence in Bluestar, Tarfydd, and Arro
  • These duchies usually follow Molndal's lead

Order of Light

  • Lord Commander is Count Helmut Tun-Razak
  • Headquartered in Morozzo

City of Morozzo

  • A port city on the western coast
  • The major port for Molndalian goods
  • Known for it's smugglers and as a place to acquire contraband
  • Built several centuries ago to avoid paying port fees at Talinside and Taristrae (now New Kirinal)
  Shorthand/Influences: Lannisters, but with tieflings.

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