Dance of the Red Feathers

I still recall the incredible spectacle when the new Red Feather Battlemaster is crowned. The entire formation of Battlemancers assembles and puts on a show that has never been duplicated. It brings satisfaction to my soul that I've never felt before!

Instructor enjoys the odd bit of musical theater much more than I do, but even I have to admit, the Dance of the Red Feathers is special. The Battlemancers combine magic, choreography, flaming weapons, and pyrotechnics in a once-in-a-generation spectacle. My favorite bit is watching the background dancers to see who makes mistakes!

The dramatic "Dance of the Red Feathers" concludes the two-week-long Red Feather Tournament that decides who will become the next Red Feather Battlemaster. Choreography begins when the previous Battlemaster has resigned or died and continues through the tournament. The Dance retells the story of the previous Battlemaster and then the story of the Tournament itself.

The crowd assembles at Chagroth's Tower and the dance begins before the dawn of Heaven. The entire squadron of Red Feather Battlemancers flies above the crowd, casting coordinated magic and performing complex aerial maneuvers.

The contestants in the Tournament descend to the stage and perform a ritualized version of the Tournament itself. It ends with the winner crowned with fire.

Finally, as dawn breaks and a Heaven manifests in the Kirinal Pit, the Sword of Callisto is given to the new Battlemaster. They perform the first of many solo battle dances as the new leader of the Red Feather Battlemancers.

Dance of Red Feathers

Red feathered wings,

A gilded sarong,

Crown of lightning,

Callisto's Blade strong,

Orb of pure light,

Dance full of joy,

Master of Might,

Our foes destroy.

An audio broadcast of the tournament and the dance is broadcast throughout the Zone on the Hedron Network. A visual recording is also made and distributed on hex crystal for those unable to watch the show live.

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