Chef Chiffonade

The introverted and private Chef Chiffonade is the chef of Lola's Comfy Kitchen which she runs efficiently and professionally. A savant in the kitchen, her employees respect her immense talent and tolerate her cold no-nonsense personality. Her passion and personality are expressed almost solely through her food.

She is completley loyal and devoted to Lola Carly, who rescued her from the streets, and to Mr. Pamplona, her constant companion since childhood. Chidi and Chiffie have been inseparable since they were children and they share quarters in the Kitchen.

Mr. Pamplona and Chiffonade take a month long vacation across the world and through the dimensions every year so that Chidi can learn new languages and for Chiffonade to add new cuisines to her eidetic palate.

Current Location

Cover image: World of Wizard's Peak World Header by Gillian Galang
Character Portrait image: Chef Chiffonade by Chris L - Heroforge


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