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The Terciated Land

Written by hdbbstephen

The realm of Faerie is known as the Terciated Land, a region of the universe where magic is everywhere and the peoples are forever on the brink of war.   The Dreadworld is a place of blood and dark pacts, while, above the clouds, the creatures of the light revel in their mastery of magic and plot the domination of the world of mortals.
The lands of Faerie set unevenly upon the shadow of the mundane world, sometimes extending through into the mortal realm. There are many standing stones on Weirth that are still magically bound to Faerie, and their power and influence can be used by those on both sides of the Veil.

Reaching Across Space and Time

    A portion of the great White Tower in Elleneffera reaches across time and space to co-exist with the realm of Faerie, while other portions ripple through space, intersecting with the Prime Material plane in many temporary locations (though temporary to the Fae could mean 200 years!).   Other known breakthrough locations include the great Pyramid of Zygaria, the Fallen Wheel of the Gods, the Temple of the Sun (in Lemuria), the drowned city of R'lyeh and any number of magical megaliths that exist in both realms at the same time.   Powerful Magic-Users that have passes through the Test are said to have knowledge of a third realm attached to the lands of the Fae, but these are likely just stories from the hearth.


by John William Waterhouse

What is known, is that the people of Faerie are fickle and capricious and so different from us. They long to be able to cross over into Weirth and wreak havoc upon the realms of men.



High above the clouds is a realm of brightness and color, music in the air, warmth and vitality. The peoples of Cloudlands live like the gods of Olympus, with rich, savory food, full-bodied wine, and days filled with laughter.   Bright, sunny days and warm, exotic nights are the rule, for the weather is nearly always perfect. The gardens and vineyards flourish at all times, for there are no seasons as humans know them.   Men and women dress in pastel tunics and robes, with leafy wreaths upon their heads, golden sandals upon their feet. Men wear their hair cut very short, while the women wear long braids - pigtails for the singles, a single braid for those who are married, and a sporty topknot for the Warriors (men and women alike).
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(Picture of a dark forest?)   The lands below the clouds are dark and dismal, with frequent rain and an almost eternal mist or fog. The peoples of the underworld are dour and joyless (many of them are undead!). The air is quiet and pregnant with mystery and a sense of dread.   The permanent cloud cover is dark and ominous, blocking out the sun. It is always twilight in the Underworld. Any music is dull and toneless. The food is bland and dry. Colors are muted, robbed of life by the darkness.   Ladies wear long dresses, leggings or tights, and drab tunics for the men. Boots are most common, calf- to knee-high, as the ground is often mud or standing water. Men wear their hair long, sometimes gathered in the back, while women never cut their hair and pile it high upon their heads.
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