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Charter for Exploration

A Charter for Exploration

  The Lord of a demesne will have two powerful figures in their Cabinet, the Master of Woodlands and the Master of Dungeons. These officials control access to the great resources that can be exploited in these particular demesnes and report directly to the Count or perhaps the Head of State. The Master of Dungeons will appoint Caretakers, or “Gravewatchers”, to look after tombs, cemeteries and any dungeon-like locales in the demesne and may issue a Warrant for a group of adventurers (a Company) to explore a subterranean area. Likewise the Master of Woodlands may appoint a local Forester, who may then issue a hunting or wood-cutting Warrant to a citizen or group, such as the Brotherhood of Vepitores. The Gravewatcher will be based in any town or village that has an underground resource, like a dungeon.   The position of Caretaker is an appointed one, made by the town or village council. A vote is taken by the Council, after a list of names has been submitted to, and approved by, the Master of Dungeons. The role is usually filled by a retired, yet still very capable and competent individual whose loyalty and honesty are beyond question. Caretakers and Foresters usually serve for life, or until they can no longer execute the duties of their position. Assaulting, robbing, or murdering a Caretaker/Forester is a Crown-level offense (which means capital punishment).   Upon gaining experience and trust, these Companies of Delvers are sometimes offered a Charter for Exploration that gives them the ability to delve into any dungeon within the realm. Of course, any treasures are shared with the Gravewatcher, the Master of Dungeons and the Lord of the realm (50% or so). Recovery of any lost magical items or especially documents with spells can earn a great deal of goodwill from a noble toward the Exploration Company.   Those people caught hunting, cutting wood, or delving in dungeons without a Warrant will face stiff penalties, including prison and confiscation of property. These resources are considered particularly valuable. Wars have even been fought over access to some of the larger underground complexes.

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