Lady Stark

Lady J'aime Stark

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

She looks like a normal framed human woman, she is more natural than most others around her. She doesn't sport abs or cut muscles, she has an excellent grip on fitness and stays in shape.

Identifying Characteristics

She has two red Tattoos on her face that symbolize, First born of the Alpha's blood

Physical quirks

she bites her lip when thinking and if sore, she clicks her teeth.

Special abilities

She has the ability to shape-shift into a bear or bear hybrid, but she possess a unique ability to transform parts of her body into her bear form.

Apparel & Accessories

She prefers to wear inexpensive clothes and a water resistant cloak. She wears a long necklace of animal teeth and two earrings that give off a slight amber glow.

Specialized Equipment

She is proficient it hand to hand combat and simple weapons.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Due to her bloodline, J'aime was born a natural Lycantrope, which blessed her with innate control of her inner beast and physical advantages, but cursed her with a curse that can't be removed, like all other born Lycantropes. She was not born in Staravia, but at a local shine to the spirits of nature within the were-woods. Being part of a noble family and the daughter of the pack Alpha gave her many opportunies over others.
In her younger days, she was sent to stay with the other children of the Clan, due to her mother, craving battle more than nursing and raising a child. This allowed J'aime to make many conncetions and friendships with others of the lower class. Her father would frequently visit, when rulership didn't prevent him from doing so and always enjoyed the sight of his daughter playing with the others. When she was age 5, J'aime brought home and was taught the delicate and strict rules of nobility by her father. This lead to shift in the way she precieved the world around her. The lessons she learned from her father was learning to make the hard decisions even if it meant suffering yourself to protect the clan. She continued her play dates with those around the visit, but held a new level of responsibility about her, always stepping in to solve problems that arose.
At the age of 6 she was taught the fine arts of combat using her were-bear form and bear form, this was the first time that she tasted real power over others. It wasn't a matter of talking and compromising, it was the complete domination over other with sheer power. She had never allowed the beast within to kill another, but loved the rush of domination.
It wasn't till age 8 that life came to a halt, when her father told her that she would be marrying a gnome named Darkarth. It was for the survival of her people that she do what ever it took. It wasn't until she was 12 that she was finally given the reason why she had to marry such an evil being. Darkarth's father had discovered the truth about Staravia, from The Black Bear. The Black Bear sold out her new clan for a shot to get at a soldier that had defeated her in combat and in return for silence Darkarth wanted his son to marry into the Stark family and pledge their undying support to the Darkarth house. She agreed to protect her people till the day that she was killed.

Gender Identity

Female Were Bear


She has displayed no interest in any gender, but was willing to be with her betrothed.


  • She was trained to fight by her mother The Black Bear in advanced combative with natural weapons.
  • She learned basic level nobility etiquette from her father along with basic military tactics.
  • She learned basic education from Ohm's Academy.


She currently works as an adventurer with the group, attempting to build an army for the princess of the Snow Kingdom

Accomplishments & Achievements


Failures & Embarrassments

  • She was unable to protect her fiancee, which resulted in the massacre of a village of were-bears.
  • She was killed after surrendering to the group, after attempting to protect her husband
  • She was unable to secure the Fire Teams victory in the Taper Rapers manor

Mental Trauma

After hearing the stories, I would have to say that she would have to suffer from a level of Depression. As to what level, I could not say, but having been killed, failing to protect a charge and losing people your responsible for, it wouldn't surprise me one bit to find her handing from a roof beam. We all deal with issues differently, but a painted smile will only hide the pain for so long. I would advise some serious counseling. We could find that she is perfectly fine, but my guess is we will find something much worse.
Savant of Mind and Order Councilor

Intellectual Characteristics

  • Spatial : She has a decent understanding of spatial relations
  • Logical : She is driven by emotion, but is guided by reason.
  • Creative: She is not very creative and prefers to think in turns of realism.
  • Philosophical : She has a deep understanding of right vs wrong and even understand concepts of valuing the lives of others.
  • Social : Her upbringing has allowed her a great understanding on how to read people.

Morality & Philosophy

Some believe that leaders are born, while I do agree that they are born, but if not crafted and molded by strong upbringing. They will be no better than the drains on society and to me are among the ranks of the rapist and murderers. Anyone can lead, but it must be with a clear goal and strong conviction to follow through.


Treason and abuse of power.
May my forefathers forgive me for my wishes. When I am strong enough, I will kill my mother for her actions. She betrayed my father and the clan, while his hands may be tied. . .mine are not.

Personality Characteristics


She wishes to first save the world from the Abomination threat and then secure safety for her people. Then once her people are safe, kill her mother.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

She is good at being the reason of voice, but she is bad dealing with stress.

Likes & Dislikes

J'aime loves when people are able to get along and just live simply. She hates when people lie and don't think before they act.

Virtues & Personality perks

J'aime respects others thoughts and points of view and will give sound advice if asked.

Vices & Personality flaws

J'aime doesn't feel that its her place to interject and is willing to allow people to crash and burn before she offers assistance.
She is stubborn with her beliefs and is willing to die for them.

Wealth & Financial state

She has no wealth to her name, and her father doesn't give her an allowance, while on the road.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lady of Staravia
Circumstances of Birth
Fathered by not only the Barron of Staravia, but the the Head Alpha of the Werebear Clan Sid Stark and the female outcast of another clan known as The Black Bear
Circumstances of Death
She was first killed by Rangrim, for the purposes of being sacrificed to the Moon Goddess .
Current Residence
Travelling with the princess
Dull Green
Moderately short, brown hair
5' 8"
Quotes & Catchphrases
Whats a catchphrase?
— Lady Stark
Known Languages
  • Fey
  • Bear


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