The Golden Death Elizabeth Qualtz Antonious (a.k.a. Mistress Alexandra Regina)

Divine Domains

  • Death
  • Luck
  • Freedom
  • Causality

Holy Books & Codes

The Golden Book Golden Supplement Racial acceptance Golden Supplement Abyssal understanding

Tenets of Faith

The tenets of Faith are
  • Be the best you can be and strive for your dreams so long as it doesn’t hurt innocent people in the process.
  • Do not believe everything you are told, take the time to educate yourself and be skeptical of seedy stories. If it is too good to be true, most times it is.
  • Hand outs do not help people, help them up and teach them to thrive, if you want to make a real difference in someone's life.
  • Nothing will come free in life, be willing to work for whatever you want in life. Effect plus dedication will yield better results than a quick and easy solution
  • Accept others, looking past their skin, birth status, and birth place for you never know who will be your best friend or mentor.
  • Never forget the suffering and sacrifice of your ancestors. Strive to create a better world then what you came into.


Day of the Dead(Tradition) Day of Remembrance(tradition) Day of Freedom(Tradition) Day of Birth(Tradition) Day of Rest(tradition) Day the Abyss Fell(Tradition)

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Our goals are protect our people and elevate those who choose to follow us higher and higher in aspects of life. Our goals for the world is to spread the ideas of freedom to ever part of the world. Our extra-Planar goal is to ensure the golden empire can defeat or hold off any external threat that appears. Our Divine Goal is to create a codex and law that all gods will follow when existing on the material plane.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Elizabeth’s body the literal embodiment of physically balanced, her body has been reconditioned to unleash the most amount of energy with the least amount of movement yet at the same time be as flexible to the extent that splits are able to be done even in her sleep.

Body Features

Elizabeth as a slender from and C-cupped breast that looks like it look a very special diet and workout to obtain. Her body is lean and muscular.

Facial Features

Her face is very defined yet soft at the same time. Her face is without blemish and she wears an eye-patch over her left eye.

Identifying Characteristics

She has several identifying marks,
  • One is the fact that she is unearthly beautiful and flawless in appearance.
  • She engaged in combat golden tattoos light up on her body
  • Her left eye is golden, while her right eye is blue

Physical quirks

Elizabeth is not able to sit still for long periods of time even today. She fidgets and moves around whenever possible.

Apparel & Accessories

Elizabeth has two types of outfits that she favors both with an eye patch over her left eye.
  • This outfit is her simple black robe, with a single red stripe down the center of the front. A black band around her waist held in place with a golden buckle. Underneath are her black and red sleeveless shaolin monk robe
  • This outfit is the highest levels of quality, its a red dress and white dress with a red cloak with a hood covering it all, on her shoulders are a golden embroidering.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity



She is Straight


Elizabeth grew up in a monastery and was taught basic education among the others at the temple. She studied history, math, cultural rituals, and was taught martial skills. She was rigorously trained in hand to hand combat beyond what most men learn in a lifetime as a child.
It wasn’t till later in her godhood that she expanded her knowledge into advanced academic studies and took great interest in world history. She even studied under the great god Odin in several areas.


Elizabeth worked at her monastery and then went out in the world as an explorer. She soon became a rebel leader after freeing slaves from captivity. She was an honorary advisor to the Free Army, and eventually became a noble. From there she retired from rebel leader to city lord, controlling and coordinating several faction forces against the tyrannical Lostival and Palorian forces. She ascended from city lord to arch-priestess of the Golden-Death Religion and held Empress of the upstarting Golden Empire. She currently resides as the Head of the Golden Empire and Head Deity of the Golden Pantheon.

Accomplishments & Achievements

  1. During the attack on Luccinni Elizabeth took the city without a single lose of her own forces, while simultaneously saving the town from a plot by the Mind-Flayers and Lostivial to turn the city into mind slaves. By the end of the attack Elizabeth drove the Mind-Flayers to the brink of extinction.
  2. Elizabeth with the assistance of her friends defeated the incarnation of Sin, Sloth. A beast that would have started a chain of events that would have destroyed the world.
  3. Elizabeth built of an empire that played a key role in destroying slavery and other oppressive policies in the known world.
  4. After much work Elizabeth connected the world in a way never seen before with the use of teleportation gates and pads, raising the standards of life beyond what any known empire offered.
  5. Elizabeth killed several other evil gods such as Palor the Dying Sun, Several Corrupted Gods, and played a key role in defeating Loki the manipulator.
  6. As a mortal, Elizabeth defeated Ripley rothchild and freed her from her cursed existence as a death knight and allowed her to be as we all know and love now.
  7. Elizabeth united the several broken empires and played major roles in giving Runemen back their land, gave the drow the opportunity they needed to live on the surface world and created a empire that welcomed dragon kind in their borders.
  8. Elizabeth coordinated the help of two draco lords in the Abyss War and ensured that they would not be a threat to the world.
  9. Elizabeth set up the death of Kemvor the God of Death that was unjustly dealing with millions of souls, condemning them into hell/abyss when they didn’t justly deserve it. She replaced him as the God of Death and reversed the terrible judgement to the damned souls that didn’t deserve it.
  10. Elizabeth established an empire that directly contributed to the Abyssal War and spearheaded Ex-Terra’s launch into the Abyss.

Failures & Embarrassments

Elizabeth once fell down a flight of stairs after tripping on her rob.

Mental Trauma

An academic of mental studies once said,
Where the light shines brightly there is equally a deep and dark shadow. If a person who shows much love and care, then in their core there resides an equal amount of hate and selfishness. I fear for us all if The Golden Death ever showed the pure evil that resides in her core. It would make the Olympians worst days look like a perfect summer's day. We all god and mortal are capable of doing good and we should look highly upon those who choose to help and raise up the weak.

Intellectual Characteristics

Elizabeth’s strongest intellectual property is her ability to use unworldly wisdom and apply it in an applicable way. She is also excellent at reading people and reaching into their hearts and bringing out the best in them.

Morality & Philosophy

  • Every man, woman, and in between regardless of race has a right to grow up in a safe world and strive for their dreams as long as it isn’t on the back of others.
  • Slavery and Rape are two crimes that insult life itself and should never be tolerated in any form. When we are okay with allowing humanoids to be treated as objects is the day we surrender the right to be considered humanoids.
  • Simply rescuing someone isn’t good enough, we must teach the weak to be strong so that they can protect and teach others the same lesson. When we all live in a mindset of improvement is the day we have reached utopia.
  • I will never force someone to worship me, you should worship be because I am a god that fosters a world that you would be proud to live in.
  • Gods just like mortals should have a set of laws to be accountable to when dealing with mortals outside their duties. I will be your guarding from gods abusing their powers and position. I am not a god to be liked cause I do what makes your life easier, but I am a god that is able to make the hard and right choices.
  • I will be the commoners and mortals voice, I will do what I must to see our world not survive, but thrive. My gods are my hands in this world and I will see it done justice and I will condemn god and mortal in death, if they attempt to bring back the world of suffering and servitude.


Elizabeth is all about freedom and encourages others to be there best as long as it isn’t on the backs of others. She forbids all forms of slavery, and imposes fines and jail time to those convicted of racist based crimes. Torture is only allowed to prisoners of war (with approval from Higher HQ) and rapist before their execution. All races are welcome into the Golden Empire, with the exception of Mind Flayers, which must get approval from the Chair of the Humanoid Citizen bureau with an endorsement from a Golden Dagger Cell Boss.

Personality Characteristics


Elizabeth lives for her position as goddess, emperpress, and mother. She views herself the mother of all her people and does what is needed to continually elevate her people to higher intelligence, higher proficiency, higher standards in living, and higher standing in the world.
My dream is that everyone in my realm will be able to live like kings, where no man, woman, and child go without an excellent education, training in self defense, a strong will of who they are, and a devotion to freedom and a firm understanding of death. My people will never fear another god so long as I walk exist, I will crush any god that dare try to overstep their bounds within my bounders, and then I will shepard their people to the golden light.
One day my people will walk as gods and they will elevate us their gods to a level beyond what is understandable in current logic. We will push and destroy the limits of the world and we will one day make today’s standards look like cavemen once roamed this world. The day will come when we live in a perfect world of mortals serving gods and gods serving mortals. In that day time in only our limiter.
— The Golden Death at the conference of the future of the Golden Empire.
My empire is not a mortal based empire, but an extra-planar defense force. We stand guard of what goes bump in the deep unknown far beyond sight of mortal man and planning. We will defend the rest of the world while the world focuses on their own goal.
I will unite the world in a council to call us together as one, for when the day comes we must defend not our kingdom, but our world from a foreign invader. The divine balance is a nice concept and for some it works and others it doesn’t. I will not enforce a standard I do not believe in, but I will put in its stead a set of laws all gods will come to follow when interacting among mortals. The Golden Death at the Conference of Defense for the Golden Empire
My children will carve their own paths in this world with their own hands. Nothing will be handed to them, and they will be forced to thrive for what they won’t just like everyone else in the empire.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Elizabeth is extremely savy is finding compromises between people and factions. She is known for making things happen. She has no Ineptitudes.

Likes & Dislikes

Elizabeth loves pulling pranks on her friends and family. She will go to great lengths to pull the wool over their eyes. One time she used her own funds to create a fake town full of actors to trick one of her children into thinking they had went the wrong direction. She however dislikes people who are willing to abuse the week and shackle those lesser than oneself.

Virtues & Personality perks

As a god many people have looked up to her dedication to her mortal people. Seeing her or one of her avatars in her towns isn’t completely a rare sight, she buys food from the local venders and interacts with the common man. She has even helped out at the food shelter and helped build homes for those in need. Even as a pantheon she is the most scene of all her gods.
A god must be able to walk and talk amongst their people to remember what it is like for mortals to be able to serve over them. Being a god isn’t about ruling over mortals, it is about guiding them and elevating themselves, thus elevating oneself.
— Elizabeth Antonious

Vices & Personality flaws

She is completed devoted to her purpose and will see it completed and maintained at any cost. She has walked head first into deadly encounters to save her friends and her people. Some people have noticed that she speaks of death as a think that should not be feared by mortals to the point that when asked would she let one of her mortal children die.
The beauty of mortality is that you can die. If they were justly killed in combat and there wasn’t interference by the gods then they would join their family in the after life. I will judge them just like anyone else and send them to the proper afterlife.
— Elizabeth Antonious

Personality Quirks

She sneezes when ever she yawns


Elizabeth is very clean and takes baths with natural herbs every day.


Contacts & Relations

Ripley Free Army Gaia Athena Persephone Tom Honera Odin Francis Mals Grushen

Family Ties

Barbarous Husband VenSister Kenneth Childs father and body guard Mertil Daughter Judge Derin Son Oculus Son

Religious Views

Her own

Social Aptitude

She may not have been born a noble but thanks to her friends, she is one of the most sociable person you will ever met. She can walk among any noble court and interact with mortal and god alike.


Elizabeth has gone from a first through the door half crossbow loaded type of girl to a patient and far thinking goddess. She meditates for days on end and when she is around people she is warm and inviting.

Hobbies & Pets

She has no pets, but she was close to Tim Tim and her best friend a Golden DragonShelia the Gold till their passing.


She speaks in simple terms and doesn’t tend to use big words.

Wealth & Financial state

Elizabeth has built an empire that's exact power, wealth, and influence is unknown. Many have guessed that the Golden Empire pulls in Tens of Millions of Gold a month and their assets are in the Billions of Gold.
Divine Classification
Greater God
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Arch Priestess Goddess of Luck Goddess of Freedom Goddess of Death Empress Mistress Conquer
Circumstances of Birth
The middle child of a large family in a line of monks, her father and mother raised her much like the rest except her father paid special attention to her and her mother wasn’t too fond of that fact.
Right Eye Aqua Blue & Left Eye Brilliant Gold
5’ 6”
Quotes & Catchphrases
Mortals that follow me will never fear death again, as I give my word that in death you will be judged on your actions, the intent behind them, and the results good and bad. We will review your entire left and see where you came from and where you ended up. Sins of the past are judged against your pendence for them. I swear by my name and title I will ensure every soul gets a fair judgement.
— Elizabeth Antonious
If I had a dollar for how many times I turned down Barb, I would have been much richer than I am. Let him stand proof that a good heart, proper efforts, and help you get what you wanted in this world. It wasn’t the strength of his arms that captivated me, it was the strength of his heart.
— Elizabeth Antonios
So as I was saying, when I finally got Goddess Ven back, her face was like. . . hey a squirrel. (The sounds of the Golden Death walking away and following after a squirrel
— Elizabeth and a reporter during Death Day
Known Languages


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