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World of the Star Mirror

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This world is created for my own use to keep everything organized. Several short stories and novels are set here, with more to come in the future.   This is a world ruled by gods. No one know how many there are, not even the gods themselves. They have warred among each other until only recently, when they signed a treaty after a cataclysmic world that tore continents apart and uprooted mountains.   Why did they fight? They fought for the attention and souls of the mortals who worship them. A soul is made up of the same energy as the gods, and when a person dies a piece of their soul goes to the god they pledged to, making that god more powerful.   Now, each god governs their own area of influence, and agrees to not infringe on the territories of other gods, nor harm their followers. Those who break the rules of the treaty are subject to punishment from a newly formed god, the God of Broken promises. His followers act as police and bounty hunters, existing outside of the treaty in order to protect it.   This benefits the mortals. They past few centuries of peace have given them time to rebuild their countries and cities, each under the watchful eye of a patron god. Each city and country has a specialization, a blessing from the god their serve. The city ruled by the God of Weaving is full of tailors who can imbue illusions into the clothes they wear. The city ruled by the God of Mines makes a lot of money exporting their ores and gems to the city ruled by the God of Smithing.   But not all gods are happy with this treaty. Some treat it lip service, others are actively trying to undermine it in order to return to the glory days of war and conquest and taking power from other gods. Others still follow it to the letter, and do their best to ignore the rising tensions between both gods and mortals.

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