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A town composed of primarily of ranchers, Shepsbourne lives a quiet town life, herding cattle and sheep for food and exports.


80% Human 20% Eighth-Giant


Village Council composed of the Village Mayor, 3 elected officials, and a representative from the giants.


A low stone wall and a small militia, armed mostly with crossbow and short swords.


The inhabitants stay afloat through the export of animal products, with imports of basic materials and plant-based foods like breads and alcohols.


For the majority of Shepbourne, they live in thatch-roofed cottages, although very seldom do the inhabitants spend any meaningful time in their homes, preferring to spend time with the livestock


In town is located a general store, selling mostly ranching supplies with few adventuring supplies included.

Guilds and Factions

The main factions located here are tied to moving the economy towards either a full sheep focus or full cow focus for exports.


The hamlet of Shepsbourne was founded almost 400 years after the founding of Abercraeg, following the Second Coalition against the Wilds and the partial success that followed, opening up the land to allow for a new settlement. When selecting the location for this settlement, the hilly land of the eastern portion of the isle was unsuitable for farming, but was perfect for the ranching niche that was unfulfilled on the island.


The hamlet mirrors mostly Tudor style homes, with use and function being preferred over any formality of the homes. There are three full stone buildings, however, hosting the mayor's family and the leaders of the factions.


The local geography sees the main village nestled in a valley of sorts, surrounded by hills that are abundant with grazing grasses that make intersect for the ideal terrain for the livestock of the village.

Natural Resources

The village hosts mainly animals exports and three specialists involving rope braiding on a larger scale.
Inhabitant Demonym
Sheps, Bournians, Shepians

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