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Goodness of the Goddess

A time for all cultures to thank the Goddess for her sustaining bounty, this festival is one that is confined by no borders and hold a special place in all free races hearts as a time when the harvest is coming in, the days grow shorter, and everyone begins to start preparing for the winter ahead.

  • Celebrated by the elves as Gŵyl Gynhaeaf (gwɪl ginhaiäf), they take part in ceremonies lead by druids to give thanks to the elements and the world that gives them haven and food in a very serious tone.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, the humans celebrate Dankfest, a time of revelry and re-connection with the loved ones rarely partied with. Humans take this time to indulge in nature's bounties and make merry from dawn till dusk.
  • Dwarves take this time to prepare for winter and the hardships ahead during their festival, Uppskeruhatith (ɯpskɛruhao̞dith), in which they consult oracles and their gods for the coming winter. If the oracles are favorable, mead flows and the halls are filled with laughter. If they show grim, the mines are filled with sorrow and remorse.


The Goodness of the Goddess began with the tribes worshiping the Goddess in her physical form that later passed down through oral tradition, morphing and changing until culminating in the current form celebrated today.


The festival is celebrated near the end of the fall season, when the last of the harvest has been brought in and the farmers are settling down for the long freeze.

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