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Five Gods: Age of Change

A Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition (DnD4E) game
In the world of World of the Five Gods

February 2018

This story is told by

Time is a funny thing. Sometimes it slows, eddying in place like a part of a river that's widened and stilled. It slows and cycles, with a parade of rulers and seasons, but mostly things staying the same.   But sometimes the world changes.

The Protagonists

Played by chadhuff
Played by Loni2Shoes
Played by Brennus
Played by Khepri2017

The party is Full

Sessions List

Past Session

10th Jun 2018
Session 6: Escape from the Keep's Dungeon

The party wakes to find themselves locked in dungeon cells under the keep with their equipment missing.

26th May 2018
Session 5: The Mysterious Illness

The party investigates the illness of the Cadwalader tribe and finds a solution.

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6th May 2018
Session 4: Journey through the Fens

Learning of a mysterious illness in the fens, along with some missing folk and a suspicious keep, the PCs journey through the Great Fens in search of answers.

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24th Mar 2018
Session 3: Laying Letham to Rest

The party believes they've figured out the mystery behind the runebeast. Now they just need to get Letham's corpse to the shrine and finish the ritual.

24th Feb 2018
Session 2: Beast of Fertile Crossing

The small village of Fertile Crossing is being menaced by some sort of vicious, unnatural beast, and the party is sent to help by the Saoi council and Lord Waldemar

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10th Feb 2018
Session 1: Samhain at Easthome

You have traveled to enjoy the Samhain festival in Easthome in the entourage of the Horseriver clan Lord.

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  • Map of The Weald

    The Hallowed Kingdom of the New Weald

  • Map of Easthome

    The capital of the Weald, Easthome

  • Map of Fertile Crossing

    A map of the village of Fertile Crossing, in Stagthorne territory.