Non-human- The Pony People - Echeea

Race- The Pony People (Echeea)
Movement- 40ft (13 hexes/inches)
Racial stat bonuses- Echeea/Human- +2 endurance, +1 presence, +2 strength
Echeea/Eldori- +2 agility, +2 insight, +1 presence, +1 willpower
Racial skill bonuses- +1 athletics, +1 brawling, +1 Craft- bowyer, fletching, +1 nature, +1 perception, +1 survival, +1 tracking, +1 Weapon skill- bows, spears
Languages- Trade tongue, Sylvan, Eldori

Racial special abilities-
Extra strength- Echeea double their carrying capacity and can carry a single medium or smaller creature on their back
Charging pony- Echeea people when they charge using a spear add an extra 1d6 endurance damage (physical piercing) if they hit a target after moving more than 20ft (7 hexes/inches) during the movement action the target must attempt an opposed strength roll versus the pony person. If the pony person wins the target is moved back 10ft (3 hexes/inches) and knocked prone.
Practiced archers- All Echeea are skilled with bows and add an additional 2d6 when making attack rolls, taking the best two results. They also suffer no penalties while firing on the move
Hooves- Echeea people can make two hoof attacks that cause 1d6 endurance damage (physical bludgeoning). When making hoof attacks they cannot attack with a hand weapon but they can fire a bow. They can also kick to the back but, in this case that is the only attacks they can make during the rounds. These hooves do standard hoof damage of 1d6 (physical bludgeoning). These are treated as brawling attacks but they cause real killing damage
Racial History- The Echeea people are a race of half human or half Eldori merged with the body of a pony. Most people call them pony people but, for most Echeea this is rude. There are Echeea with human features and outlooks and Echeea with Wood Eldori features and Eldori attitudes the. When these people existed is argued still among scholars and though they seem strongly related to Centaurs the Echeea do not view things that way. Most scholars believe that they originated millennia ago in the Feylands but, their origins remain a mystery even to the Eacheea
Racial description- The human variant stands between 6’0” and 7’0” with females being between 5’6” and 6’6” tall. The male Elven variant stands between 5’6” and 6’2” tall with females between 5’4” and 5’8” in height. Their eyes and hair color for the human version can be of any human variation. The Elven version always has blond, red or brown hair color and eyes

Racial maximums-
Echeea/Human- Agility- 12/+3 Endurance- 16/+5 Insight- 12/+3 Intellect- 12/+3 Presence- 14/+4 Strength- 16/+5 Willpower- 12/+3
Echeea/Elodori- Agility- 16/+5 Endurance- 12/+3 Insight- 16/+5 Intellect- 12/+3 Presence- 14/+4 Strength- 12/+3 Willpower- 14/+4

Echeea racial background development table
1- Wind runner- The Echeea adds +3ft (1 hex/inch) to their move speed. Subsequent rolls of this ability add an additional +3ft (1 hex/inch) to a maximum of +15 (5 hexes/inches)
2- +1 Endurance (Subject to racial bonuses)
3- Eagle eyed- The Echeea adds an additional +1 when making a sight perception roll. Only to cancel penalties caused by range
4- Stalker- The Echeea gain an additional d6 when they make tracking rolls, taking the best two results
5- +1 Strength (Subject to racial maximums)
6- Wind reader- The Echeea gains an additional d6 when making survival rolls while in an area of plains or woodlands, taking the best two rolls. Subsequent rolls of this ability an an additional d6 to a maximum of 5d6


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