Non-human- The Airdancers

Race- The Airdancers
Movement- 40ft
Racial stat bonuses- +2 agility, +1 insight, +1 presence,
Racial skill bonuses- +2 acrobatics, +1 arcana, +2 dodge, +1 planar knowledge, +1 spell casting, +1 stealth, weapon skill- spears, thrown
Languages- Trade tongue, Auran, Sylph

Racial special abilities-
Light as a breeze- Though they cannot naturally fly they can expand an endurance to be effectively weightless. This allows them to move across a surface leaving no impression or not disturbing it. This effect lasts for up to 1 minute.
Shield of winds- The Airdancer can expend an endurance and cause swirling winds to surround them. This allows them to add 1 + their insight bonus to their basic defense voice. This effect lasts up to 1 minute.
Resistance to lightning- The Airdancer reduces the endurance damage from any electrical attack by 2 + 2x their endurance bonus.
Free as the wind- The Airdancer rolls an extra 2d6 versus any effect that might compel them or control their mind or freewill in any way, taking the best two results.
Elemental connection- The Airdancer gains access to one of the abilities from the elemental air manifestations. This ability costs endurance
Racial backgrounds- Two thousand years before “the Sundering” in what is now the ashen wastes powerful arcane manipulators of power rivaled only by the Lyrani waged a war of epic devastation. Each arcane wielder sought to destroy their rivals and rule the lands. This led to the unleashing of elementals of all forms being summoned in vast numbers to help the summoner win the war. The results are still evident in the Ash Wastes. Airdancers are the descendants of (most frequently) forced impregnations with the humans of the region. Though more mortal than elemental in nature they stay maintain after all these centuries a connection to the elemental plane of their forebearers.
Racial description- Airdancers are creatures merged with the air and more at home at an altitude. Most Airdancers have light colored hair predominantly blond or brown haired though white and silver are not uncommon. On very rare occasions Airdancer’s have light blue hair. Their eyes are blue though they can be light or dark blue. They tend to be short and thin some almost to the point of looking emaciated. Most of them stand between 5’0” and 5’6” female members of the race have the same average height.

Racial maximums- Agility- 16/+5 Endurance- 12/+3 Insight- 14/+4 Intellect- 12/+3 Presence- 14/+4 Strength- 12/+3 Willpower- 12/+3

Background development table
1- +1 Agility (Subject to racial maximums)
2- +1 Insight (Subject to racial maximums)
3- +1 Presence (Subject to racial maximums)
4- Airdancing- The character learns a maneuver from the ancient martial style of Airdancing from the table below
5- Greater electrical resistance- The character adds 2 points to their resistance to electrical attacks to a maximum of 10 points
6- Deeper elemental connection- The character rolls randomly for another elemental air manifestations table below
  Elemental air manifestations table
1- Electric arc- The character can expend an endurance and unleash an arc of electricity to a range of 15ft (5 hexes/inches). A ranged attack roll with agility is required to hit the target. This causes 2d6 endurance damage + the willpower bonus of the character (electrical). Metal armour only provides 1/2 resistance.
2- Deeper breath- The character is able to survive and breath at greater heights with less oxygen. This ability still requires there be some oxygen and cannot be a vacuum. The character can exist in this environment for 4 hours. Subsequent rolls of this ability increase this by 4 hours. Once the character reaches 24 hours for the duration this ability work indefinitely.
3- Zephyr form- The character expends an endurance and changes form into a vaguely humanoid shaped cloud of roughly the size of the character. The cloud form is basically immaterial and cannot be harmed by mundane physical effects. They can pass through spaces that are not air -tight and can fly at 20ft/round (7 hexes/inches). This effect once activated lasts for 2 hours or until the character stops in
4- Call the wind- The character can expend an endurance and cause a powerful burst of wind to manifest. This blast of wind can move a target 3 hexes/inches + 1 additional hex/inch per point of willpower bonus. A target is knocked in the direction the airdancer wants. A target may attempt to resist by making a strength roll versus DC- 8 + the willpower bonus of the caster. If they succeed. they are not moved. Note that as it is wind and effectively invisible the target must be able to prepare to resist in opposition of the wind's direction. GM's discretion as to whether the target can even get the strength roll
5- Freezing wind- The character expends a point of endurance and unleashes a blast of freezing cold. This causes 2d6 endurance damage and mundane armour only has 1/2 resistance. The target also must attempt a strength roll against DC- 8 + the willpower of the airdancer. If the target fails, they lose their next move action though the target can still use their action to make a move.
6- Skydancing- The character may attempt once per round to attempt to use an acrobatics skill roll versus DC- 7. If they succeed, they can automatically leap 10ft (3 hexes/inches) over difficult terrain, upward or across a gap as a free action and this also adds a +2 to their basic defensive value.

Airdancing table
1- Overhead flipping back kick- The character rolls an acrobatics roll versus DC- 7 and if they succeed, they may attempt a martial arts attack. A successful attack causes 1d6 endurance damage (physical bludgeoning) and the target must attempt an endurance roll versus DC- 8 + the acrobatic skill bonus of the attacker. If, the target fails they lose their next round's action and move action.
2- Like a breeze- The character must use their move action for this and must make a meditation roll versus DC- 7 and if they succeed, they add 1 + their insight bonus to their basic defense value on that round.
3- Lightning kick- This is a sharp powerful side kick that causes 1d6 endurance damage (physical bludgeoning) and if it succeeds it moves a target back 2 hexes/inches
4- Sweeping breeze- This strike to the knee of the target causes 1d6 of endurance damage (physical bludgeoning) and forces the target to attempt an agility roll versus DC- 8 + the or fall prone. The target may attempt to stand on their next action using 10ft (3 hexes/inches of their movement to stand) they must however roll an endurance roll versus DC- 8 + the damage of the attack if they do not succeed it instead costs them 20ft (7 hexes/inches) to stand up. If they fail with a natural "2" they cannot stand on that leg for 1 minute.
5-Forked lightning- This strike is executed versus two targets both of which must be adjacent to the Aridancer. The Airdancer must attempt an Acrobatics roll versus DC- 7 if they succeed, they may attack the two separate targets causing each 1d6 of endurance damage (physical bludgeoning)
6- Thunderstrike- The Aridancer leaps up and then claps the ears of the target as they are on the down part of their jump. The attack only causes 1 endurance damage (physical bludgeoning). The target must attempt an endurance roll versus the attack roll of the Airdancer. If they fail, the target is stunned on their next round losing both their action and move action. After that for a number of rounds equal to the skill bonus of the character's martial arts skill, they suffer a penalty to their hearing perception rolls of -2.


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