World of the Chained Gods

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My world is a post apocalypse fantasy setting 2000 years after the event called "The Sundering"   More than 10,000 years ago the gods came to this world and brought life in hundreds of forms to populate the world. The angels were created to watch over and protect the mortals in the world from powerful extraplanar dangers. For millennia the angels fulfilled their vow with fervor and loyalty. This ended when the danger from without became a danger from within. The gods themselves having grown in strength had also grown in ego. At first they pit their followers against one another in a quest for dominance. That was only the beginning.   In time the gods anger and hatred grew and they began to strike at each other. In short the gods brought their divine conflict to the mortal world bringing with it the deaths of millions and the destruction of parts of the planet itself. Faced with this unprecedented danger the angels anguished over their duty. Torn between their loyalty to the gods that created them and their vow to protect the mortals they chose to fulfil their vow and turned against the Gods. In the act now referred to as "the Sundering" the angels banded together to form "the Sundering Host". With the help of powerful mortals they created and activated the great spell of binding. As empires and millions were destroyed by the gods as they waged their divine war they did not noticed hidden tendrils of powers that slowly sapped their power. As the god's power faded the great spell gained the power. In time the siphoned power was great enough to trap the gods. To complete the ritual 10000 angels gave up their lives to seal it and gods no longer had direct power in the world.   The most powerful angels that survived have continued their duty to watch over and protect the mortals acting as the only agents of divinity. The gods are mostly forgotten and the stuff of legends.