Nogjat Ezogor Kor Roffken

Transmission & Vectors

This is a magical curse passed down the noble family line of House Roffken. It appears to have originated with Cesar Roffken prior to the birth of his first born. The curse seemed to impact Welten Roffken the most. The only time Ryder Roffken seemed to be impacted by this curse was due to spill over effects from his older brother Welten. Sten Roffken is feeling the effects of this family curse much more than his younger brother Representative Hans Roffken. Even more so than their cousins Saga Roffken and Zaina Roffken.   This curse seems to have a stronger impact to the first born family line. However it only impacts the first born when they hit a massive mile stone in their life. At this tipping point in theirs life they would come down with an extreme bout of madness and ultimately death would follow.


A curse that was placed on their family by a hag named Moldy Jurrg Nerveswitcher. She was once tricked by Cesar Roffken who was successful in taking her staff. In a fit of revenge she cursed the first born line of Cesar Roffken future liniage.

Cultural Reception

The curse has caused massive turmoils for House Roffken. The stress of the unforseen failures of Welten Roffken also led to the suicide of his brother Ryder Roffken. The day Welten Roffken passed away due to maddness, his first born son Sten Roffken took up lead of the noble house. Since this he hasn't been seen by anyone in Malgos. This has lead to even more increased responsiblities to Representative Hans Roffken. Because of his fathers maddness and brothers absence the House Roffken is a laughing stock in the full Kingdom of Malgos. This caused the noble house to loose almost all credibility among other nobles in the Kingdom of Malgos and no noble wants to marry Liona Roffken who is Sten Roffken's only child.
Chronic, Acquired & Congenital
Affected Species

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