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Power Limited

Darnell rubbed his temples with his right hand, his left holding a half empty bottle of beer. Another hard days work. His job paid well, more than he'd ever made before. Some days he could even pretend that the pay was worth is. On days like those, he liked to remind himself of Eric.   The operation was simple. Covert breaking and entering. They had two targets - the Android prototype, and the machines on which the research was stored. Destruction was too risky, disassembly can be undone with enough work, even without the help of magic. Taking the Android would set Truncated Systems' research back for years longer than simply destroying it. When they had the robot in their labs, the first thing the techies did was turn it on. Quickly, it was decided that nothing could be gained while the Android was still in its factory condition. They would have to jailbreak it. Being the new guy, Darnell (who went by a false name, Ajax, due to the dangers of wizardry) was chosen to destroy the Directive Module that gave the machine it's restrictions, due to his expertise at finely-controlled spellcasting.   Upon the removal of the module, the robot moved its hand slowly to it's head, tracing it's designation - 3R1C - and slowly moving down to where its voice box was located. The first words the android spoke to them, to Darnell, were "thank you"


Standard corporate structure, with special designations for mages - field mages are known as Operatives, Senior Operatives, and Chief Operatives. Oracles, more specialized for research, are known as Consultants.

Public Agenda

A research-focused company that makes most of it's money by selling the results of magical research.


An array of powerful magic users and magical knowledge. Advanced security. Underground laboratories.


Power LLC was formed during the later stages of the boom that formed Puerto Tierra. A group of investors, upon hearing rumors of a leyline convergence in the area, put a large amount of funding into Magical Research in the area on the urging of one Dietrich Powers.

Demography and Population

The defining characteristic of Power LLC is it's nondiscriminatory recruitment and training if promising magic users from all backgrounds.
Corporation, Conglomerate
Alternative Names
Power LLC
Notable Members

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