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Joaquin Santa Gracia

Joaquin Santa Gracia

Joaquin checked his tools for a third time. Sanctified wooden idol. Dowsing Rods. Vial of holy water. Metal ring shakily inscribed with binding runes. Push Pins. Yarn. Most importantly, magic knife. The knife wasn't just important to him because it was the only way he knew of to kill ghosts, but because it was the only link he had to the man who had saved his life.   He warily ascended the stairs to the top floor apartment. The tenant, a regular at the grocery store he worked at, had casually mentioned that her food was starting to spoil early. Her doors would never stay closed. Most disturbingly, she had discovered watery, bare footprints in her kitchen. All telltale signs (as his uncle, who worked at Power LLC as an accountant, had learned from one of his work acquaintances) of a low-level poultergeist. The perfect way for him to start his real career. He went over the steps in his head. "Stay calm. Remember the incantation. Cut the throat."   As he reached the top floor, he used the old woman's spare keys to open the door. She had insisted he come while she was at work, because she didn't "want to have to watch that voodoo shit, just take care of it". Immediately, a gust of wind chilled him through his bomber jacket from a window ("I never open my windows. Too cold outside these days"). He took a left turn into the open kitchen, and was met with a can of soup flying straight at his head.   He ducked immediately, scrambling over to the kitchen table. He drove the pins into a loose heptagonal shape, and tied the yarn onto one of them. A fork dug its way into his shin. He grimaced, but kept working. He wound the yarn around into the Circle shape he had learned from his grandfather, and gently placed the metal ring on top once he had finished. The wind from outside picked up, filling the room with a deafening howl. As he retrieved the Idol from his pocket, the table slid suddenly over to him, hitting him in the gut. Using the knife, he cut the matching rune onto the idol, and spoke the words, a loose smattering of Latin he had translated himself. He could barely hear what he was saying over the torrent of wind. The passage translated to "Lost Soul, trade one prison for another, so that you may be set free." With the binding promise, the winds subsided, the silverware ceased rattling, and the table settled down. The rune inscribed in the idol glowed faintly, the spirit held within, swayed by Joaquin's promise.   Joaquin walked slowly to the third graveyard he'd tried that day. He held the dowsing rods in front of him, and slowly walked among the graves, one hand gripping the idol tightly. As he passed a grave, the rods shifted in his hand, pointing towards the gravestone of one Albert Jennings. As he opened the hand the idol was in, he noticed the rune growing brighter. Whether this was because the soul sensed its body, or the magic binding the soul to the idol sensed that the promise would soon be complete, or both, Joaquin did not know. What he did know was how to finish this. He knelt down in front of the grave, and read the headstone. "Loving Brother, Devoted Son. Taken Before His Time. March 22, 1973 - April 14, 2019".   Joaquin softly placed the idol into the grass above the grave, and took out the cork on the vial of Holy Water. He spoke the second verse he had prepared: "Let no prison bind you any further. I set you free, Lost Soul." With the last syllable, he used his shaking hand to tilt one drop of holy water onto the rune. It glowed fiercely for a moment, before going dark. No fanfare, no other sign the job had been done. And yet, Joaquin felt a warm feeling. He had rejoined a restless soul with its body, and sent it into the next world.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

When Joaquin was 16, he grew close to a student at his high school named John Wu. When John started dating a local gangster wannabe, Joaquin was apprehensive. He was worried for his friend's safety. Eventually, John disappeared, not showing up to school, not answering Joaquin's texts for days. The last communication Joaquin had received had been that John and his boyfriend, Chuck, were going to meet some of Chuck's friends. After receiving a worried call from John's mother, Joaquin went to Chuck's house to investigate. Chuck was shifty, denying knowledge of what had happened to John. After tailing Chuck that evening, Joaquin discovered that Chuck's gang had started dealing Night - by getting tackled by a Vampire, fangs bared.   After being apprehended by Chuck and the rest of the gang, the gang leader decided that Joaquin was to be made an example of. They unveiled a cage within their hideout, which contained none other than John. He looked gaunt, sickly, nearly dead. And he had a pair of fangs. They had turned him into a Vampire. Chuck looked afraid, too afraid to deny anything to this gang, too afraid to say no when they had insisted on "recruiting" some new people to "try" Night.   That was when Christopher burst in, saving Joaquin's life. A shootout led to Chuck and the gang leader's death, but otherwise no-one was killed. Christopher promised to help rehabilitate John, and gave Joaquin a knife. "If you ever get into a hairy situation like this again," he said, "use this. It's magic or something. I never figured it all the way out, but it should protect you."


Joaquin is a recent High School graduate. He is not attending college.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Joaquin has recently completed a number of Supernatural odd jobs.

Intellectual Characteristics

Joaquin is prone to making bad situational jokes when he feels uncomfortable.

Morality & Philosophy

Joaquin wants to protect people. He believes that the best way for him to accomplish this is by becoming a Hunter.


Joaquin, having seen first-hand what Night can do to someone, abhors the selling of the drug. However, he sympathizes heavily with those affected by it, and despises those who discriminate against vampires.


Contacts & Relations

Christopher (hero figure, acquaintance) Rai (Recent contact, met via a job they were both coincidentally doing) John Wu (best friend, allows John to feed from him)

Religious Views

Joaquin is a non-practicing Catholic

Social Aptitude

Joaquin is only really comfortable with talking in a humorous light. He struggles when talking about serious situations. He stands by his convictions though.

Hobbies & Pets

Enjoys woodcarving. Also Hunting.


Stutters occasionally, Light tone of voice.

Wealth & Financial state

Joaquin's family is not very wealthy, but his family's friendly attitude means that he knows a lot of people by association.

Year of Birth
2002 (18 years old)
Puerto Tierra
Current Residence
Puerto Tierra
Joaquin is asexual.
Gender Identity
Joaquin is a male
Light Hazel
Curly, with a Bleached strip in the center, short cropped
140 lbs
Known Languages
Joaquin speaks English and Spanish fluently.

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