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Darnell "Ajax" Wilson

Ajax Darnell Wilson

Darnell had been appointed guard duty that night. They had appointed him guard duty every night since they started working with the creature. "A simple experiment with the way Magically Altered beings react to various stimuli, mundane and magical," they told him. They assured him it was not intelligent. They never scheduled him while testing was going on. Darnell knew why. They thought he was weak, that he couldn't handle it.   "Ajax," Darnell heard a voice say from behind him. It was Eric, the robot they had liberated from Truncated Systems some 4 months prior. He was supposed to be in his cell, recharging for the night, but Darnell knew he got restless sometimes. Technically Darnell should have "gently escorted" him back to the cell, but one of the perks of solo guard duty is being the only one enforcing the rules. He knew Eric didn't like to feel trapped, and it's not like anybody would know (There were no cameras on that floor, for "proprietary information security").   "Yeah, buddy? What's up?"   "You know I don't leave my room during the day. I just wanted to get out. Explore the floor."   "Of course, man. No issue." Darnell turned back to his desk, to work on some formulas he'd been devising for nerve-restoring potions. Before he could continue his writing, something heavy and metal hit the back of his head. As his vision blurred, and his eyes close, he was able to make out Eric saying, "I'm sorry. What they're doing to him... if you knew, you'd understand."   Darnell awoke to a furious supervisor screaming at him red-faced of his incompetence. Two important Assets lost in one night - not to mention the Conditioning Torus they'd been working on, whose server had been smashed in the night (the artifact's runes contained a more primitive version of the software stored on the server, and didn't allow for remote control). The only reason Darnell wasn't fired that morning was because of suspected foul play - a broken charging cord, a smashed cage, and Darnell's concussion (quickly brushed over by the company - the expenses for the healing magic would come out of Darnell's paycheck). Instead of being fired for collusion, he was demoted for incompetence.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Darnell was a magically gifted young man who was recruited at a later-than-usual age by Power LLC. His name was chosen in the standard way for mages employed by the company - mythologically important names are more secure.   Darnell was soon revealed to be gifted with incredibly precise, accurate magic, which came naturally to him along with a childhood hobby of taking apart discarded technology and putting it back together.   His first assignment was field work, but it was soon decided that his reluctance to commit violence would serve as a liability on missions, and he was demoted to guard duty. After a particular incident, he was punished by demotion and mandatory training, and sent back into the field as a Solo Operative.   It quickly became evident that this was not a promotion - most operations he was sent on were not assigned with the requirement of his survival. Somehow, through both his ingenuity and growing friendship with Alex Whitman, he has managed to survive every one.


Magical Training and an unknown amount of Field Training.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Considers ongoing friendship with Eric and Alex accomplishments Devised a number of complex medically-oriented potions

Failures & Embarrassments

Considers Eric not trusting him enough on the day he escaped to be a personal failure, and regrets it every day.

Intellectual Characteristics

Gentle and Nonaggressive.

Personality Characteristics


Works to feed and house his mother and brother. Tries to keep the people he cares about safe and happy.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Good with electronics and biology. Mostly incompetent in a fight.


Contacts & Relations

Keeps private tabs on Eric the Android, who he considers a friend. Also knows Alex Whitman, who he supplies with various potions.

Family Ties

A mother and brother who he lives away from. He sends them money and visits covertly from time to time.

Religious Views


Social Aptitude

Very nice, accomodating, not very confident.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Power LLC Operative Designate Ajax
Year of Birth
1982 (38 years old)
Puerto Tierra
Current Residence
Puerto Tierra
Darnell is straight.
Dark Brown
200 lbs
Aligned Organization
Power Limited

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