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Men of the West - The Hwn


The enigmatic Hwn of the desert tower over most men with a strong physique seemingly chiseled out of stone. Broad noses sit atop sharp, tanned features, and perceptive, almond eyes waste no time in analyzing their prey. They are quiet, resourceful, and choose their words very carefully when speaking to others. Though their frames are quite large, there is a grace about them that allows them to excel at most anything they put their minds to. Where commoners usually stick to traveling and trading, Hwn nobles have been known to practice sorcery. The cruelest of these noble men and women have been rumored to experiment on their own servants. Those who can withstand the torture are commonly referred to as "the Faded” for their minds are never the same afterward.  

Naming Conventions

Ancient Egyptian | Sumerian | Assyrian  

Adventuring Age

16-70. (Live to be around 120 years of age.)

The Hwn

Ability Score Increase Charisma +1, Intelligence +1, Strength -1.
Size Medium
Speed N/A

Choose one of the following feats: Spell Sniper, Healer, Actor.

Languages. Common

Parent ethnicities

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