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Men of the South - The Thorimund


The Thorimund are known for their free-spirited personalities and love of the hunt. Fair-haired and stocky with rosy, freckled skin, the Men of the South usually live close together until a child becomes of age. When this happens, the young man or woman is sent out into the world to bring back a trophy to hang in the Great Hall. This trophy is a testament to their legacy, and their official initiation into their tribe as a respected leader. For this reason alone, they may not return for several years until they find the “One”. Thorimund are fond of dressing in dark greens and browns, reminiscent of the hills of their homeland, and often bring an animal (hunting) companion with them.  

Naming Conventions

Naming Conventions: Celtic: Gaul | Norwegian | Celtic: Welsh | Celtic: Manx  

Adventuring Age

Adventuring Age: 13-95. (Live to be around 180 years of age.)

The Thorimund

Ability Score Increase Strength +1, Intelligence +1, Dexterity -1.
Size Medium
Speed N/A

Choose one of the following feats: Observant, Sharpshooter, Mobile.

Languages. Common

Parent ethnicities

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