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Men of the North - The Oronok


In contrast to their cousins in the south, the Oronok live very reserved, isolated lives along the rivers and icy tundras of the north. As they are somewhat spread out, they tend to favor the occupations of traders and fishermen. Once a cycle, however, the Great Gathering is held in the Valley of a Thousand Gales to celebrate fellowship and honor the spirits that give them the strength to endure such a harsh climate. When the furs are pulled back and thrown over chairs, decorated braids of burnt auburn and muddy brown fall to their polished belts, each adorned with wooden beads, feathers, or tokens of one of the great spirits that they follow. Tanned skin is engraved with tribal tattoos, each a symbol and constant reminder of the spirit they follow: Xiloth (Roc), Hopi (Jackalope), Hvati (Blue Tiger), and Eros (Kermode Bear).  

Naming Conventions

Danish | Finnish | Old High German | Celtic: Manx | Norman  

Adventuring Age

18-125. (Live to be around 210 years of age.)

The Oronok

Ability Score Increase Strength +1, Constitution +1, Wisdom -1
Size Medium
Speed N/A

Choose one of the following feats: Savage Attacker, Durable, or Sharpshooter.

Languages. Common

Parent ethnicities

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