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Men of the Horns - The Iron Circle


Warriors. Scavengers. Adventurers. Survivors. The Men of the Horns tend to do as they please, wandering the inhospitable wasteland that is the Horns in small bands to take back resources and rebuild their once great city. Most, if not all, of the Iron Circle has dark brown, or jet black hair, with gray or blue eyes-a physical reminder of the once proud civilization they are descended from. The women of the Iron Circle are fearsome battlemagi called the Roaring Spears, clad in loose, flowing garments and wield halberds, spears, and spiked bucklers in battle. The men choose to don heavy armor, wielding two-handed weapons and throwing themselves relentlessly into the fray, slashing without abandon and bathing in the blood of their enemies. Most Iron Circle are looked upon with fear because of their fierce reputation in battle: gray eyes glazing over with passionate fury, hulking forms impossibly unbound by the physical restraints of armor, and the speed of hellhounds being whipped by the Old Gods.  

Naming Conventions

Phoenician | Ancient Greek | Sumerian | Roman  

Adventuring Age

13-80. (Live to be around 150 years of age.)

Iron Circle

Ability Score Increase Strength +1, Charisma +1, Dexterity -1.
Size Medium
Speed N/A

Choose one of the following feats: Great Weapon Master, War Caster, Charger.

Languages. Common

Parent ethnicities

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