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Men of the East - The Selha


The Selha are easily identifiable by their short, lithe frames, dark hair, and wide, dark eyes. Their pale skin makes for a striking contrast against their straight, dark hair, and is seen as the pinnacle of beauty to many other cultures. It is said that staring too long into a Selha woman’s eyes could jeopardize the very virtue of your soul, or that stealing a kiss could stop a man’s heart on the spot. However, this is more likely to be the cause of the toxic rouge that coats her lips.
Though they may be small in stature, many Selha have trained to use this to their advantage, favoring the occupations of thief, monk, acrobat, and archer. The Selha give their allegiance to their Khan and are very proud of their culture. They would give everything for the benefit of their land and people.

Naming Conventions

Tibetan | Mongolian | Sumerian  

Adventuring Age

15-85. (Live to be around 160 years of age.)

The Selha

Ability Score Increase Dexterity +1, Wisdom +1, Strength -1.
Size Medium
Speed N/A

Choose one of the following feats: Skilled, Skulker, or Linguist.

Languages. Common

Parent ethnicities

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