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Dwarves of Tewa - Island Dwarves


The Dwarves of Tewa live in small communities along the island chain of Oponui. These stout island dwarves dress in loose-fitting, breathable garb that is usually undyed. Their skin is bronzed and rough, turned from years of fishing and navigating the open seas, and adorned with tattoos of sable, black, and indigo hues. Their eyes range from blue to green, to gray, a stark reflection of the seas they spend their entire lives exploring. They build their homes into the side of the verdant mountain chain that runs through Oponui, desperate to find some relief from the blazing sun at the end of the day. Though a fairly peaceful race, the dwarves enjoy engaging in combat with each other, honing their skills with greatspears and intricate, wooden paddles lined with shark teeth. Their beards are a source of pride for the Dwarves of Tewa, most being decorated with bone fish hooks and beads. Though not all adhere to the practice, the longer the beard usually symbolizes how long a dwarf has been on their spiritual journey to find peace and enlightenment within themselves. Those with the longest beards are regarded as wise elders who have much to contribute to tribal discussions and are often referred to as “Makan”, after the founding dwarf that settled their people on the islands.

Parent ethnicities

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