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World of Morrah

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The world recovers from the Darkest Era where the demons were met by swords and even the darkest of depths had been awakened.. It's only now at the start of the Tyfellion Era that the races break bread for the first time under a common currency and language.   The land beyond the cities appear ripe for exploration and trade. While most begin settling on new land others have banded together to seek power and riches from the remnants of the old world. Only the strongest will uncover the truths and see the footprints of those that walked before them.

About the World

What Types of Magic are There?
Divine : These are abilities and powers that can be granted to users in the exchange for bidding of a god. Examples of these are the healing properties gifted to a Solus Cleric, the shape-shifting powers of a Kalli Druid or the summoning of the undead by a Kohmas Necromancers.
Elemental : This school is known as Conjuration and is the most common form of magic within Morrah. Elements like fire can be easily conjured, but very wild in nature. An untrained Elementalists will just as easily get themselves killed before they master a single element.
Wizardry : The wizardry schools of magic are the most difficult to harness, but very rewarding and varied in its implementation. The student must spend weeks studying both the spell and the school of magic that it originates from.

Who Made the Races?
• Nearly each god that descended upon Morrah brought with them their own creations. This came at a great cost for many gods due to their finite strength. If a creation carried both free will and consciousness they were gifted a piece of Morrah's power during the Era of Souls; these became the races we know today.
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