What is it?

It is an event where we write in each other's worlds.  

What are the requirements?

If you what to submit a world, you need to sign up.   Every story needs to be between 500 and 15,000 words. Longer stories are less likely to make it into the anthology, although most will make it onto the website.  

How many worlds can I submit?

Min 1   Max 3  

How to join?

  If you want to join as a writer only, you can submit, but it is not a requirement.  

What if I have an idea that doesn't fulfill the creator's wishes?

Those wishes are only there to give you a jump start, and you do not need to follow them. If you have a story in your mind for a world, just write it.  

What happens with my work after I submitted it?

Diane Morrison and the world creator will judge each submitted story and select the best, and those stories will be published in an anthology.  

For More Questions, Please Join the Discord

  Here is the link to join the Discord.

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