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World of Eru

Created by

Writers Team

In a world of savage magic and cold technology, conflict endures between faith and ideology. Previous worlds leave their echoes behind, while explorers posit their purpose. Airships take to the skies and evil lurks in the deepest crevasses. Here on Eru, there is a fragile peace maintained solely by the fear of assured destruction.   In the darkness of the church-state Kreland are untold secrets kept. Church affiliated pogroms, unholy rituals and a weakening goddess mark the lands increasing tension. Slow to benefit from the increasing technology of neighboring states, Kreland serves as a perfunctory reminder of what isolation can hinder. Tittering on the edge of becoming an ethnostate, many non-human races have packed up their bags and those who remain, often keep an eye on their neighbor's.   People of meritorious standing stem the encroaching tide of corruption and decadence, though their efforts may prove to be in faith. To the south of Kreland is the bustling city-state of La Croix, a burgeoning metropolitan city that stands bereft of the religious fervor of its diminished neighbor. Their issues vary depending on the individual's position in their rapidly moving society. The slums are pitiful reminders of what can become of those who lack. While the wealthy denigrate, plot and gather wealth under their arms like a hen to its chicks.   Months ago, a grief stricken alchemist made a pact with the devil and their efforts saw a rampaging horde nearly topple the southwestern towns of Kreland. Through the efforts of a militia captain, priestess and valiant adventurers was his madness finally stopped. To the southeast, near the forbidden woods stands an idle town with a dark secret found in the form of an abandoned prison. Far from idyllic, orphans of various backgrounds return here to bury their adopted Father and find out the truth behind his death.