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World of Erde

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Holy wars have been waged upon the Elves and their mages, but with the advent of gunpowder, invented by humanity's brightest alchemists, the Empire of Man could rival the power of magic. Yet, monsters still haunt the land, and the New World beckons for exploration.   Magic is dangerous and heretical, ripping apart the veil, seperating the world of the living from its supernatural counterpart. Magic is distrusted, especially by Humans, who have had an age old struggle with the Elves.   The Chantry has forbidden magic in the Empire, and the Inquisition roots down heretical mages wherever it can find them. Alchemy is seen as a safer alternative to magic, but the common man still looks with suspicion at the studious alchemist locked away in his library or laboratory.   Evil lurks in the darkness, entering this world through tears in the Veil. Villages are haunted at night, forests stalked by dark predators. A witch has holed herself up in an abandoned mill, preparing a foul ritual. Only the most brave and daring can face the troubles of this world...

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