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The world of Eldald, which take place in the setting of D&D 5th edition, is the name given by Human races to this realm. Elves calls it Farent'Hir and Dwarves call it Duullocc. Halfling don't really bother giving it a name. They simply call it home, wherever they go. For Orcs nations they refer to a simple name of Kaer which means, the world given by the gods.   This world is composed of five (5) major continents and one massive archipelagos which many isles by their size could also be considered as small continents.   Located in the bottom left corner of the map, Premandir, is one of the places which original name is still used by most races is the world as it was the first to be recorded the ********, the most ancient Elven lineage. This is where it all it started, so, say the Elves. The continent roughly stretches from south east to north west and has three (30) main ********8: Arctic, temperate and warm to arid.         Characters will start in very poor rural village. Their knowledge of the world is restrained to the immediate region where they grew up. The Kingdom and most of the continent has been plagued with a drought for almost 6 decades. But this spring, the rivers has been swelling up to levels the elders have not seen for 40 years. After going through a introductory campaign (level 1-5), the main characters will be caught the middle of a massive invasion that will bring them the the four corners of the continent in a desperate attempt to gather allies.

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