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Yo, I wouldn't cross Bronwyn. I heard the Prince went to her crib for chat, stayed there for a few hours and suddenly all these brothers havens were sacked. I even hear she got Capone killed. Best we keep our distance from her.
— Anarch reporting to Anita
  Bronwyn is a tricky Kindred to get your mind around. She is a Malkavian, but acts more like a wannabe Ventrue. A perfect businesswoman, cold, efficient, shrewd and charismatic to boot. Many Kindred have fallen for her charms and been the victim of her ire. But, beneath it all, you can see the cracks - the signs of her bottled Anxiety.   She runs the Nightclub the Blue Velvet, a nightclub that once rivalled the Succubus Club in its heyday. When the Succubus Club was destroyed during the War for Chicago, Blue Velvet became the de-facto top dog. Blue Velvet was granted Elysium status with Bronwyn acting as the keeper. Kindred are now safe to wander in Blue Velvet and can expect no hositility, whatever their background may be. That is of course, as long as you abide by the rules of Elysium.   These nights though, that position is rivaled with Red No5, the re-opening Succubus Club and the rumoured new Nightclub opening up soon. It's also rumoured that some underground dealings take place under Blue Velvet: an underground network to sell Kine and Vitae to Kindred that are unable to hunt their own. There are even rumours of an exclusive menu for elite VIP's.   Despite Bronwyn's age and high generation, she has chosen to stay out of the Camarilla politics. Instead letting Jason Newburry gain seat of Primogen. Bronwyn is still held in high esteem in Camarilla and Anarch circles alike. This is likely due to the rumoured underground kindred network. She is still very influence behind the scenes in Camarilla politics. She has the ear of Prince Kevin Jackson and has enough clout to make the wheel move when she wishes to.   In recent nights a number of factors have seemingly come up - threatening to topple Bronwyn's empire. Don't even dare to mention a kindred by the name of Corbin around Bronwyn, unless you got a death wish that is.

Year of Birth
1452 AD 560 Years old
Dark Blue
Long, Black
Skin Tone
Pale, White
Aligned Organization

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