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World of Darkness


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A dark mirror on our world. A place where corruption is rife and the supernatural is a hidden truth. The world is run by secret cabals vying for supremacy. Shadow politics run rife throughout this world - mainly centred around the Kindred, Vampires. Other supernatural creatures exist in this world, but Kindred are most prevalent.   That is not to say the supernatural are the only threat. The humans are just as destructive as the blood thirsty Kindred. Political infighting and intrigue aren't the only danger in this world.   This is a world of horrors and hardships. There are no right choices, everything has lasting consequences. A conversation or misspoken world could have lasting repercussions years or even centuries later. Every choice must be thought out before action. This is the World of Darkness.

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Styx and Bones

World of Darkness (White Wolf)

All is in the Family, with the emergence of the Hecata, the Clan of Death finds itself on the precipice in the new status quo.

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Fall of London

World of Darkness 5th Edition (Paradox)

In 2012, London was at the peak of indulgence - that was until the Second Inquisition reared their head -- but perhaps something or someone else was playing a bigger game.

Chicago By Night

World of Darkness (White Wolf)

Five Kindred in Chicago find themselves embroiled in the politics of Vampire Nights

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